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    Start Guide ( page 3)


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    Start Guide ( page 3)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:52 pm

    Hello, and if you don't fallow said start guide, lets just say you will be utterly thrown into the bog of eternal stench.... head first.

    First of all Legend happens on a Continent kingdom named legend. This kingdom, is the only kingdom in the world, and is divided by several smaller some what looking states or kingdoms though a High king which ruled over all use to exist.

    Because of its vast ness, we will be starting out with several topics. The topics will go into detail of what each place looks like, we want you all for now to start out in the same topic. Later on, we might have you into yourself into another spot. To say the least.

    I can not stress this enough, the fallowing breeds have limits and banns that will be further explored in on there species page.  All breeds labeled with R will be for Rare breeds, and OP will be for breeds that can easily be considered Overly Powered.

    Vampires Semi R
    Valhs  OP
    Reapers  R
    Shadows R
    Grewls OP
    Chrome Topians OP and R
    Reverse Reapers.  R squared
    Death Angles R squared times Ten.
    Monsters  OP R
    Halflings ( cautionary)

    Please do not try to circumvent this. Simply reading what they are online, will give you absolutely nothing. As I invent my own breed norms and my own species.

    I would like to tell you now, that any and all New additions to the breed list, whether R or OP, including revision and addition to new rules, will be Pm'd to every single user in the group.

    I can not tress again, that any and all information dished out, is to make sure you all have a fantastic Rp experience. Due to some players playing species, how to put this, Incorrectly is why 90% of this is the way it is.

    Also READ IN FULL any breeds you feel you might want to play. It might also be helpful to please read and other species as they interact with your character.

    All right proceed to the next page

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