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    The all mighty Rules. ( page 2)


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    The all mighty Rules. ( page 2)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:12 am

    Ok, fallow the site rules, Dark's rules and my rules, and then this rp's rules, and you won't be chucked head first into a scary pit of misery and despair.

    I take it you read my lovely intro, and enjoyed it as much as paint drying, so snap a wake, and look alive, if that didn't deter the reading impaired nothing will.

    So on a further not of evil cracked Hell, the doom that awaits you is my rules. YOU WILL BE TOSSED OUT OF THE RP HEAD FIST INTO THE PIT OF MISERY AND DESPAIR. IF YOU SO MUCH AS LOOK LIKE YOUR BREAKING THESE RULES!

    I refuse and will not tolerate the slightest misdemeanor.

    The mighty Rules, please come and reference them when ever your not sure what they are.

    1. No, and I repeat, No one, has permission to sign up characters who's species and or character, is specifically stated to be rare, or not acceptable. People who DO have permission to do so, are showing you exactly how to play said character. THIS IS ALSO IMPERATIVE TO PLOT, AND TO KEEP A SPECIFIC SPECIES DOWN IN POPULATION.

    2. Fail posts, Flop posts, -word #1- posts, and one liners, should be Kept to the bare minimal. IF the plot or what is currently going on, is lacking, and thus one liners are happening, I will personally fix this. Fail posts are acceptable, on a once per day basis if educated, and only if you have a ton of reading to catch up on. Flop posts will be GRILLED EATEN AND DELETED with out word. -word #1- POSTS, give me a -word #1- post one flipping time, and your out of the section, -word #1- posts are posts ware your totally not even in the same RP any more, and oblivious to what is going on. Flop posts are like Fail posts, but totally have no content worth reading. IE character has a mundane breakfast in the middle of a battle field.

    3. There will be no mind reading, no foreshadowing ( out side of the occasional of one of my characters to Que you in on a plot that is happening) , no blood controlling powers, no mind controlling powers, no moving crap with your mind, and please for the love of all that is holly and non, please read the species list in its entirety. Before your make yourself look like a dumb idiot and tossed from the RP.

    4. No arguing, no pleading your case, no trying to get a species, or rule changed. If A ADMIN PUTS His or her foot down, thats the end of it.

    5. Minimal character creation is exactly 2 characters. 2.

    6. Please tell Dark soul of any or all mini plots ( plots not developed be me or dark soul ) please, also refrain from producing children with another character, as your character, their character and either me or Dark hast to green flag it. Please fallow all species rules, for when children become a thing.

    7. Please do not sign up, any one under 15. Children in the Rp, will be aged, this is too keep the Rp non creepy. * Ask dark about the child in the space Pirates rp, shudders creepy*

    8. No species, or race if you feel better calling them that, is evil in general. Not even truely the Vlahs, or Grewls, all though Grewls are generally stupid when it comes to properly, well just read that part about Grewls...

    9. A lot of the species on this list, are not regular in terms of there real world myths. they are all howl characters.

    10. If you see a book, titled Legendary in the next decade or so. By wolf H. Howling, its not me, its a dear friend of mine, please don't loos your ever loving mind, your characters will not be present in the book, she is using my concept loosly.

    11. Some races make it easy to god mod. Please refrain from A. doing just that and B. making the character look like a wuss compared to the rest of its kind.

    12. The whole God Factor of this Rp is totally ah different, no you can't play a god. They are simply to move plot along, they will be played in another topic, to give it a sense tht they are watching, to make the Rp play a bit of consistency. You will figure it out when it happens.


    ok, so you made it through the rules... ah but will you fallow them, Any way move to the next section please.

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