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    Words of Wisdom * read first please*


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    Words of Wisdom * read first please*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:23 pm

    I would like to start with saying WELCOME! You are reading the introductory page, to Legendary ( Aka L ) my going to be 5 year old little ball of joy.

    This Rp, has delighted me and my friend for many years, it has gone through many phases, many spin offs, and we had lots of fun. However the Original L, was the true magic, and I have decided that I should share that with you.

    However, me and Dark soul, have a long standing history with the Rp, we have a tone of characters we love an adore, we all ways have played the same one, in every L version we had Orginal, spin off 1 and spin off 2, Multi 1, Multi 2, multi 3, and the light version.

    Though the Original started as a Multi, it faded into a Prp, rather quickly as the fall of a Rp site was slowly coming apparent and thus we were loosing contact with a lot of beloved players. We have found out, that since we have played Original L as a PRP for many years, or Multi players well fell flop.

    This is most likely due to use, playing our favorite characters, which I think is around 50 a peace and they came complete with there historic back stories. The other's probably felt like, they were trespassing on some one's beloved PRP.

    The Light version, was actually the only Multi hit. The Orginal Lite version which was on howrse, but a player kinda, ruined it for everyone, and it was lost. In the sense of interest. ( ask Dark soul about the elves)

    There were two spin offs, one currently being played, and one that was totally chucked out the window because we hated it.

    There were 3 or 4 mulit player attempts, They didn't work. You will see cautionary statements on things in the info pages, this will let you know why didn't work.

    Any way, so to prevent our selves form making it awkward. This current version is more or less L 2.0

    Set 10 generations after our characters, L has evolved into the future.
    I really hope you guys like this, I spent hours and months fixing this Rp, so that it could be the L me and dark know and love, and the L we hope you too can also enjoy.

    So with out further ado, please go forth and read the other pages with in this section. They are numbered so that you may read them in order.


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