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    Howls little poetry corner of wierd.


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    Howls little poetry corner of wierd.

    Post  wolfHhowling on Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:33 pm

    Inner depth

    A endless desert, oceans of blood.
    The dry as sand, all batter the flood.
    Cries and swears of love forgotten bleached white.
    All for the worship of the light.
    Down in the pit, ware darkness lay, sleeps the true beast.
    Wishing and wanting to howl and feast.
    Oceans and waves of nothing but blood.
    Bow and bend in waves of flood.
    Sands and bones bleached endless white.
    All for the sake of the light.
    Down on the surface, behind a smile the beast
    waiting and listening to pounce and feast.
    Endless heart beat, fillled with blood
    Enless washing by a flood
    Endless bleaching the color white.
    All for the forsaken light
    To tend to the beast
    So it will feast
    The demons in us all.

    Winter night

    Cool dark night that washes all with a quite flow.
    Witness to the soft falling snow.
    Wind as soft, as the tuft of a down.
    Trees dead and solemn brown.
    quiet is the night that falls on this night
    soft and slow falls the snow on its flight.
    The willows are weeping still, frozen though in time.
    The ponds and streams still water though, a motion in rhyme.
    All the still is covered in white and ice.
    The bite of could makes it nice.
    On the peek that over looks time.
    Stands my thoughts older then ryhme.
    Lost in the echo, and faded.
    and the spring birds fly away jadded.
    As the world turns to winters cold grasp.


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    Re: Howls little poetry corner of wierd.

    Post  Death'sRider on Thu May 26, 2016 9:14 am

    Who knew that you were such a good poet, Howl? I am impressed.


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