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    Sing ups * did you read the information?*


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    Sing ups * did you read the information?*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:46 pm

    All right I will gently lead the story to this pack, there isn't honestly a plot, there won't be   one either, it will be a fluid, ever changing slow moving plot.
    Your going to be kept in the dark, for good reasons, you and I both will enjoy such contradicting lovely ness, and trust me, I want to totally spark Theory's of whats going on, how things are going to progress. I want this to be a fun little mystery that generally doesn't have to end.

    You all have just moved into this turf, your a rag tag group of wolves, who have been running with the Alpha pair, for only a week. You either have been apart of the pack this entire week, or have just met them.

    Side Note: I forgot to mention, the wolves are semi Imortal. meaning they can be killed and can age, but they do not half to die, older characters/ wolves, after so long, will be declared Elder, and I will have them walk off into the sun set, * possibly to start another pack we will see* this will only happen if you don't kill off wolves, and population becomes a problem.

    Also please make sure your characters are not sharing names, picks, and keep power sharing between characters to minimum XD DO NOT SIGN UP PUPPIES UNLESS YOU HAVE CLAIMED A PUP FROM THE PUP CLAIMING THINGY!

    All right all you have to do is fallow this hear Sing up sheet, and have at it.

    But first if you haven't bloody took thine test, and you sign up, your auto banned. NO ifs no butts AUTO BANNED. 

    Current age:
    Rare Character trait:
    Description or picture:

    How to fill out * copy paist blank form first silly*

    Name: The blasted name of your CREATION.
    Current age: Picks something from 3 to 10
    Species: Normal, Ghost, Shadow ? Pick one
    Color: Do you remember reading what colors your wolf could be, PICK ONE
    Wings: Demon, Angle, None ? WHICH ONE DOES YOUR WOLF HAVE?
    Position: Gee if you read the possitons, you would know what goes here.
    Personality: Lazy, gets angry easily at mushrooms, you know the personality of your wolf.
    Rare Character trait: Scars, Genetic defects, Odd behaviors. GO IN DEPTH ABOUT IT.
    Power: Pick no more then Three, that are Element based and run with it. ( no death power, no mind reading, no leveitation)
    Description or picture:  Just in words, or pictures you have found, describe what your wolf looks like, its simple.

    If you failed to fallow directions, I don't know what to tell you.
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    Re: Sing ups * did you read the information?*

    Post  Dark Silence on Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:30 pm

    Howl, please let me know if I need to change anything/did this right.... Love ya nii-san!

    Name: Aster (male)
    Current age: 6
    Species: Normal wolfie
    Color: Dark Grey
    Wings: Bat
    Position: Warrior/Hunter
    Personality:  Usually a calm and collected wolf who tries to rationally and logically work things out first. However, that doesn't mean he won't fight, and he will summon what looks like giant wolf skulls to fire lasers at his foes. He only really gets angry if you threaten his children directly.
    Rare Character trait:  Has two scars on his face, one going from one eye down his muzzle, and the other from his other eye up to the top of his head.
    Description or picture:  
    (plus the forementioned scars..... he has bright green eyes)

    Name: Blinky (female)
    Current age: 2
    Species: Normal wolfie-poo
    Color: Dark grey
    Wings: Nope
    Position: Healer/Pup sitter
    Personality: A bit quiet and submissive, but has been taught how to defend herself just a little. She's one of Aster's two surviving pups, and is a bit more protected by her father because of how much weaker she is than her brother. 
    Rare Character trait: She can glow a cobalt blue and make other wolves or objects glow briefly if she wants to.
    Description or picture: 
    (Dark grey instead of black, but that color glowey Christmas light wolf)

    Name: Evsol (male)
    Current age: 2
    Species: Normal wolfie doggy doo
    Color: Reddish-grey
    Wings: Bat
    Position: Hunter/Warrior
    Personality: He is more short tempered than his father, Aster, but is still a very kind and respectful wolf. He is also protective of Blinky, and the siblings are very close. He hopes to one day settle down with a nice, pretty, and caring female that makes him happy and they can have beautiful pups. He loves playing with the puppies.
    Rare Character trait: His powers are electricity. That's it. He can generate it from himself, but not from the sky, nor control lightning from the sky.
    Description or picture:  (This but with more red......)

    Name: Lucilia/Lucy (female)
    Current age: 3
    Species: Normal wolfie doofie
    Color: Light brown
    Wings: Nope
    Position: Hunter/Fighter
    Personality: Friendly enough, but doesn't seem to want to settle down. She keeps to herself a little more, and won't speak about her past.
    Rare Character trait: Seems like she can control fire.
    Description or picture:

    Save our last goodbye
    Embedded in my mind, your face will never leave me
    Save our last goodbye
    It's killing me that I will never get to hear your laughter anymore

    -Disturbed, Save Our Last Goodbye
    In memory of one of my best friends
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    Re: Sing ups * did you read the information?*

    Post  Dark Soul on Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:46 pm

    You know you forgot about gender...


    Name: Collapsing Strife
    Current age: A year younger than the Alpha Male
    Species: Normal
    Color: Dark grey
    Wings: Look at the picture
    Position: Alpha Female
    Personality: If I don't do this before the RP starts, then it's RP out.
    Rare Character trait: She can control ice, and make it so cold it burns (dry ice.)
    Description or picture:

    Name: Lost Hope
    Current age: 1
    Species: Normal
    Color: Look at the pic
    Wings: " "
    Position: Healer
    Personality: If I don't do this before the RP starts, then it's RP out.
    Rare Character trait: Does she have to have a rare trait?
    Description or picture:


    Name: Raving Embodiment of Madness (R.E.M.)
    Current age: 4
    Species: Normal
    Color: look at pic
    Wings: " "
    Position: Healer
    Personality: If I don't do this before the RP starts, then it's RP out.
    Rare Character trait: He can heal on the drop of a dime and can only heal other's damaged bones (but he's like the doctor. If you can kill him before he heals, he's dead dead.)
    Description or picture:

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    Re: Sing ups * did you read the information?*

    Post  drosenth on Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:18 pm

    My favorite pack is back!  Yassss!  *screams internally*

    Name: Blade
    Gender: M
    Current age: 3
    Species: Norm
    Color:dark grey
    Wings: angel
    Position: hunter
    Personality: Kinda on a don't mess with me level of go awayness. He can be a spitfire and a handful to deal with but he's loyal to a fault.
    Rare Character trait: He's good at aerial camouflage, basically a ghost at night. His wings are as silent as owls's
    Description or picture:

    Name: Nife
    Gender: M
    Current age:4
    Wings: no
    Personality: Stay frosty my friends...
    Rare Character trait: makes annoying woofs into snow-woofs. You thought hypothermia was bad...hehe
    Description or picture:

    Name: Razr
    Gender: F
    Current age:3
    Color: red
    Position: hunter
    Personality: Sassy brassy and a bit smart assy.
    Rare Character trait: Her claws can drip some of her blood out which then hardens and crystallizes therefore making her the Wolverine of the wolf world. Freaking long donkey booty claws.
    Description or picture: this but more red

    There i is done


    Mood Howl

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    Re: Sing ups * did you read the information?*

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