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    Sing ups * did you read the information?*


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    Sing ups * did you read the information?*

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:46 pm

    Firstly there is no plot. You are a recently formed pack of wolves, in a forested area. There is a large cave, and some smaller caves, large cave is ware the " higher ranks" live inc. its a huge territory surrounded by huge high rock walls. that have no cracks in them.

    You will not know coat color, or rank of your critter, till you look on the registered Coat page.
    Please note that the wolves are technically immortal, however wolf population should not get over a specific amount of g1 wolves, depending on how many members are playing, and pups should not get out of hand. Keep in mind when it comes to pups, you only have choices in which one you get to play. THe users who own both parents, will be able to pick which pups they want to play first.

    Please play at least two wolves, and try to keep the genders even.

    Current age:
    Trait :

    How to fill out * copy paist blank form first silly*

    Name: The blasted name of your CREATION.
    Current age: Picks something from 3 to 10 don't care
    Species: Pick one from the BREEDS list ( wolves section)
    Wings: Demon or Angel wings IF your wolf is a WINGED wolf ( they all can fly)
    Personality: Lazy, gets angry easily at mushrooms, you know the personality of your wolf.
    trait: Scars, mental issues, handicaps, missing this or that, blind inc. (note this is not pass down able)
    Power: Pick one from the allowed powers list page. ( pups may inherit more the one later)

    If you failed to fallow directions, I don't know what to tell you.
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    Re: Sing ups * did you read the information?*

    Post  Dark Soul on Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:21 pm

    Name: Moon Runner (Moon)
    Current age: 3
    Species: Timber Wolf
    Wings: Nope
    Personality: Calm, collected, and generally logical, or at least puts a lot of thought into things.
    Trait : Runner is in her name for a reason... she's (insert F word here) quick as hell.
    Power: Water

    Name: Nanook Paw (Nanook)
    Current age: 4
    Species: Dire Wolf
    Wings: Nope
    Personality: Enthusiastic, more of a do than think type of girl.
    Trait : Not special.
    Power: Fairy

    Name: Hallow Eve (Hallow)
    Current age: 3
    Species: Shifter (into a possum)
    Wings: Nope
    Personality: He's... odd... it's hard to describe, really. He's kind of everywhere...
    Trait : Nothing.
    Power: Poison

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