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    Rules/information ( read or be lost)


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    Rules/information ( read or be lost)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:17 pm

    I would like to start by saying, if you can't post more then one line, please do not sign up. Lastly if you can't handle this level of an Rp, please do not sign up. If you can not and simply will not fallow rules, read any information, don't sign up.

         Only serious RP players beyond this point.

    Rules as fallows:

    1 The authority of any and all moderation is key. Keep in mind, the admins of this site, do use an unique way of moderation in there Rps. They use their own characters to keep the peace. So if their characters seems a little over the top to you, mind you they are using them as a tool to keep the peace, enforce the rules, and if your character is so under powered, it can't keep up with our lesser characters * ones we don't use as moderation* its your own fault.

    2. The sign ups, information, and rules pertaining to this rp, are not put here for your amusement. They are put here, to Inform you of how a world is, what the rules of the Rp's Forums, and to keep track of your character. To keep Rp fair, non confusing, and to keep you from contradicting yourself. Please use them to your advantage, because if you do not, you will be removed.

    3. I, Wolf H Howling, Nor any other admin, moderator, or person on this forum, needs to personally post every day, or even be on, for you to reply to a post previously directed at you. If you have something to reply to, please reply to it.

    4. I or any other administrator, has the right to declare a character annoying. Please keep your characters from becoming annoying, I will not can not, and shall not, abide or even condone annoying.

    5. Its perfectly all right, to have your character be worst Enemy's with another person's character, but if I find out, that this is a means for you to pick on, or belittle the player of a character in any way, you will be removed. If I find out, that you are using the character to continue a fight you two had, I will ban you, if you are taking it too far I will warn you.

    6. You can not, ever, harm or kill a character with out the other players permission. This goes for also relationships between characters, and also having children with the other person's character.

    7. Have fun. Seriously you should have fun. Smile

    Information about the Rp.

    The packs story will be on the sign up page, however below, are the positions, and additional regulations or rules specifically pertaining to this Rp.

    Your wolf can be these colors only :  Red, Brown, Grey, Dark grey 

    Your wolf may have these Mutations only : Angle wings, Demon wings, no wings at all.

    Your wolf can be of the Fallowing Species Only : Normal powered wolves. Powers will be one a do not annoy me basis, that means having Death related powers, god related powers, and or minde reading anything ability that even looks like foreshadowing is not allowed. 

    Your wolves can have pups. Wolf Litters will be anywhere be tween 1 and 7 puppies.
    If no one adopts the puppies in the pup list, they will be stillborn, or die with in a days worth of posts.

    I choose, species, coat color, how many pups, gender of pups, mutations of pups, and whether or not they will have a disability. Including the names of the pups, as I am tired of being in rps, with names of pups I 1, can't pronounce, 2 have a hard time spelling, and 3 are just utterly stupid. * not directed at specific players*

    YOU Choose.
     The powers the pup will have, personality it will have, and what your wolf looks like, provided you don't change the mute, or color that was pre assigned.

    The purpose of this, is make sure, we don't have 500 grey wolves running around with wings,  the littler isn't one whole color, or suddenly there is a new breed of wolf, not listed anywhere else, or you invent a new color pup all on your own.

    This is an attempt also for you guys to be more creative, in choosing mates for your wolves, as depending on who mates with who, the pups can come out with something fun.

    Colors through breeding that might pop out, Blue, Pink, Green, purple, White, black, yellow, sandy ink. 

    New breeds of wolf might come out, such as a " Ghostling " or " shadow"   
    a Ghostling wolf, would be able to phase through objects, and summon or talk to the dead
    a Shadow wolf, would be able to "summon creatures" control shadows, and or open small void pockets in order to teleport small distances. 

    Possitions. ( due to the lack of upkeep I probably will give this list its being simplified)

    Alpha male * me no touchy*
    Alpha Female * probably Dark, As, what ever you want to call my little sis*

    Warriors/hunters * no limit* But, if I tell you to change your wolf's position its to keep the positions even.

    Healer/pup sitter  *no limit* But, if I tell you to change your wolf's position its to keep the positions even.

    Omega * to infinity and beyond* But please don't sign up only Omega's PLEASE.

    Ok, you made it through this horrible long mountain of evil, Go forth to the sign ups Razz
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    Re: Rules/information ( read or be lost)

    Post  Dark Soul on Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:26 pm

    Oh sure...the pup name thing wasn't directed at me at all. XD And you know I'm so taking the Alpha Female. XD

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