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    Information/ some additional rules


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    Information/ some additional rules

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:17 pm

    This Rp will be rather well savage, and pretty out and out weird, and probably confusing at first.

         Only serious RP players beyond this point.

    Rules as fallows:

    1. Staff, will be helping me keep things in line and on track. This means, if your stepping out of line, or, fail to read information, you will be reprimanded.

    2. Consider the information in this Rp, as LAW. Not gentle suggestions of what can be done, but what can only be done.

    3. You will not be able to pick coat color, or powers of pups, you will not be able to pick Coat color of your sign ups, or the G1 wolves. You will of the G1 wolves be able to pick powers. Names, which of g1 wolves you can choose for yourselves, must be simple, and easy to read, pronounce, and spell. The names of all wolves, will be named by Pack Alpha, that is actually me. This keeps down, names I want to throttle. YOu can suggest names to be used in your litter or litters using the " suggest a name" page.

    Information about the Rp.

    The pack's set up will be on the sign ups page however, an additional page, known as Genetics, will help you figure things out. As towards breeding.

    There are some things you want to know about this pack.

    First of all, each wolf will be assigned a genetic code. Their DNA if you will, based on my own code. Most of this will remain secret to you, as humans don't even know what is lurking in your gene sequence. So choose your mates wisely.

    Coat colors play a big ROLE, in pack structure. This is to create, " plot" with out having one.

    Powers please keep in mind are hereditary, and also play a role in Genetics.

    At this time no halfings can be created, but you may use any " breed" of wolf, you can find on the breeds list.

    YOu may use any power, located on the " powers" list.

    In addition to  a pup " adoption" place, ware you can choose, a pup to play. There will be the coat registration page. ware you can quick reference what your coat color is.

    No two wolves to start will have the same genetics.

    Please read, the Pup Adoptions page, and the "registered" coat page, as a coat color and pattern are discovered, they will be put on this Page, along with their coat " rank"  

    below that, will be a registry of all wolves with that coat  and ware there " status" is in that rank. Such as you may be in the alpha's rank, but be a Low ranking beta. due to powers. These are a secret."

    Thus you will be just " assigned" a rank by the coat, and at the start of the Rp, you will have no idea, what Rank or status you will have.

    Later as you guys dive into this Rp, you'll discovered more and more about the genetics/ and rank system past the coats and powers I assign.

    Lastly...  Our wolves are non related, thus the hierarchy system falls into place, Dominance however still does not exist, as packs in the wild are Honestly just a family structure, there is no alpha, it is only when Two packs merg that you get beta's or if you stick non related wolves into a Zoo for instance do you see Alphas, beta's, and Omega's.

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