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    Abyss ( a dome of Orion)


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    Abyss ( a dome of Orion)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:39 pm

    ( note this is a place, no one should be rping in with out ties to specific characters of mine. Untill the plot unfolds.)

    Abyss is mostly completely pitch black, its lights have gone out long ago, even though the dome seems to be the most stable, people are afraid since the power has shut down in the place, that the dome is soon to collaps, thus the cut off shutter is partly closed, no one goes their, they fear what might be in the old dome. Spoky and mysterious.

    The other domes were, Hydra, Hellion, and Starfight, but those dombs failed.

    Hydra went dark, then began to leak, and has became a rather large fish tank. The once fertil farms their lost for ever, the loss of life was a bear minumum and it took only a day to get the flooding under check from the other domes.

    Starfight had all ways had an ellectic problem, flickering lights and shorts. It too was sealed off, with no one inside, but it is ware the people of the slums use to live. The dome has remained only half filled and their is talk of them opening up swimming pool of sorts. As it can get pretty hot in an under water dome.

    As for Hellion, no one knows, what happened it went dark, and countless gallons of sea water flooded, to this day Hellion is considered a memorial. for all those lost.

    It is probable because these domes all lost power before failing, that they fear abyss so. And so only two livable domes are available for the populace.

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