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    Info/story page 2


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    Info/story page 2

    Post  wolfHhowling on Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:22 am

    Again because I have to hold peoples hands, I will break this down as simply as I possibly can. If you can't fallow directions, your not Rping. simple as that.

    If this is to much for you to read, please, read a little at a time. I don't want you to strain your little brain cells or cause yourself to have a character melt down. Like with fine wine this Rp will get better with time, treat it like really dang good booze.

    Story. ( might want to read this, before anything else)

    A long time ago, when technology actually existed, man forgot about the fantastical beasts that once roamed. Tossing them all up to be myths, legends, lore, old fairy tails told to tell children around a campfire. This unfortunately brought about their all most extinction, threatening their very existence. Before the people of earth, were destroyed by the very creatures, the world had forgotten, the people built large under sea domes. Large enough to hold countless people, countless resources to live almost indefinably on the bottom of the sea. This worked for man kind a long long time.

    Now, several generations, and countless decades have past. The people who knew how to repair the dome, how it worked had passed down and taught their children, as you can see this is ware this became problematic. For soon their were no longer any direct decedents, and those who knew became few and far between, and soon they too died off, much like the oral stories of the surface world, all though those were mostly kept in ancient records.  
    The domes are starting to corrode and fall apart. Soon man kind, will drown, under countless thousands of pounds of water. But everyone just slowly watches this happen, for they have all consigned to their fates. They live their lives, as one after the other, dome after dome, fail. Though the domes are breaking down, so very slowly, that most people think the two strongest healthiest domes will just continue to go on forever.

    But the truth is, The dome's were never ment to last forever... its time now, to come back to the surface. My little ones, its time now, to live in the world you were all ways apart of, I don't know why my little ones fled, I don't know why they ran in utter dread. Why the feared the creatures who just like them, belonged in this world.

    Things you should know.

    First off, this is not a post apocalyptic world, or even one after. The myths we forgot turned out to be real, they took over the land, because we being the humans we are, retreated from the rest of the world. But the humans that are alive to day, think its because those creatures were trying to whip out man kind. The truth is, they just didn't feel like learning to co exist.

    Your not quite human any more, you do have some affinities with the water that you were born under. With the fish that seemingly swim by.

    Your domed city isn't the only one. Though you have lost contact with the other's over a century ago. Making some believe they are the last, thinking that the other domed cities failed ages ago, some thinking that these cities are fairing better, as some were in shallower water.

    You all are torn over weather or not your ancestors doomed you to this cruel fate, or if they honestly believed the domes would never fail.

    Some of you believe that in the shadows their lurks the answer, though non of you ever will go looking for it.

    Other things you should know.

       The rp topics for the domes, will be locked once what I call a season final happens. After that, new topics will pop up. These topics will be staying indefinably. other dom cities will get a topic, will be played out to finish, before they too are locked and sent down to the archives. As we don't want to forget any story we posted before. That would be problematic.

    The second half of the rp, will see another sign up being enlisted. This will be for playable myths.

    Their is no set number of cities and their isn't a time frame in which they need to go out and find them.  

    The second half of the rp, is about learning to co exist, discovering what happened the truth, and learning what we forgot so long ago.

    This means if your character was mining and found a cell phone, that cell phone wouldn't work. Though you would have a general idea because of the books about it. You would know know how exactly it functioned.

    Remember, your in a teck dumb civilization and their is a half a hand full of guys and galls that know anything about it. They also might know a hell of a lot more of what is going on then what people are letting on to knowing.

    now off to the lovely sign ups eh.

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