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    Rules page 1


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    Rules page 1

    Post  wolfHhowling on Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:27 am

    If by now you can't figure out how to read, can't figure out you should read info, or can't figure out whats going on.

       Please go in the other direction, don't look back, don't let the back button bite you in the ars.

    The rules should be basic, ingrained into your minds like your own name is. Its not hard to remember to breath, keep your heart going, and your bodily functions from embarrassing you into a gross smelly horror story.  So remembering basic functions of rules should be simple and easy for you by now.

    But unfortunately I have to hold your dang hand, so here is a list of 10 rules you should fallow, in a harsh and mean sum up .

    1. I the sole owner of this rp, hold every right in my little heart, to slay, murder and destroy, any character I so see fit. The only way your character will be fit for slaughter is one of these reasons. A) you made a character that apsolutly is nothing but a waist of space, its not fit to breath air any more. Because it doesn't act like an actual person/thing. People evolve emotionally and change through out time, even if its slight its what happens. B) your character is totally a god modding power playing soul crushing moron. C) you just can't fallow directions.  D) if you break any of these rules and or your character is flagged as a reason to off it, I will smite it before you can even blink. You then can go back to the drawing board.

    2. Clip art like photo's annoy me more then anything else. Please if you can't find an decent photo/pic, use your god given right to type what the hell he or she looks like. Its not rocket science please do not make me your rocket science professor.

    3. I am actually a nice person. Till the moon is freaking full, and every little peace of crapping -word #1- you have ever done that so much has horribly annoyed me a little tiny bit. IS going to help me turn into a horrible werehowl, and you won't like how I slaughter everything in my path. Its just best to Shut the (insert proper form of word #3 here) up, put your big boy and or girl panties on, and suck it up. I tell you to back down, do so, I am in a foul arsed mood. I will blow up, its not pretty I don't like making little girls cry.

    4.  I do not need to come up with every tom dick and harry plot, plot twist, creative butt excretion you have. The moment I have to carry the (insert proper form of word #3 here) RP like some re enactment of a Crucifixion I will shut this rp down faster then you can yell and figure out if I spelled the fallowing world correctly: crucifixion.

    5.  I don't care what it is, you do not have the right, even if you guess or know ware this blasted Rp is headed. To Foreshadow in any way size or form how the rp is going to go. It just drives me batty as I can at a drop of a hat, chance whats going on, and thus your character automatically takes itself out of cannon.... might as well kill it.

    6. If I feel your character doesn't fit Rp standards, no it won't get in. Think of this Rp as a highly advanced VIP club members only, and your just some poor sucker hoping to be the next VIP starlet to enter. That should help.

    7. You can not reproduce any part of these rules, any part of this Rp, this includes plot, set up, character sign ups, and out and out plot, or story. WITH OUT my consent and under no circumstances will it ever LEAVE this site.

    8. Do not sign up, if you in any way feel you might not like this rp. I really hate those sign up to die crappy shoots. I am a sucker for romance. I am sucker for a good read. I will not tolerate keeping a character in the Rp, because your afraid it will hurt the other person's feelings. Its time to crush them.

    9 this is a sad yet given, its plastered all over the site. KEEP IT PG-13 on the gore for this one DUH, it won't fit the darn story if its worse then that!!!!!!!!

    10. Try to have as much fun as you can, provided you treat the back story, the way this Rp hast to functions and the guide lines as a set rule.

    Lastly I will have to say, you gave me no choice. YOu enraged the werehowl to the point ware he couldn't be contained. you only have yourself to blame for this set of rules. You want puppies and kittens and happy rainbows spewing every ware, go and Rp in some rp about anything other then this one.

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