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    Info page 2 Equally as vital


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    Info page 2 Equally as vital

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:35 am

    Dragons, Cats, wolves, and birds, are all mortal, however they do age.

    Dragons can lay eggs, breed, inc, for there entire lives, after there first Flower Cycle, which is a spring day with a huge full moon. It marks the start of summer. In which a Dragon of 6 becomes a " mature" this being said, Dragons do not take their trails, till fall, and it is a disgrace to have a clutch or breed until you have passed the " trails"

    Birds However, can only start to breed at the age, 3 much sooner, yet they will only be fertile for another ten years. Thus birds promote the finding of mates, and raising families at the age of 3. Birds also become " gray" and not as keen in eye, at the age of 120. They will take there trails, in the start of fall. Unlike dragons who can choose when they take the trial, Birds will take the Trail, for males 1 year, and females at the age of 2. ( provided they turn before the trail takes place each year)

    Cats breed even sooner, and have a harem type deal. No more then two females per male how ever. As there are more Females then sons, and sons are prized, females are not treated poorly mind you. At the age of 2 they will breed, At 1 they are sent to the trails. They have till they are four to pass however. Cats can't breed ( have offspring) after they are only 8 in years, and Cats will go grey and not so keen of eye, some time around their 20th year.

    wolves send there pups, at one out, and are practically forced after that to chose a mate. Pick two, or three they don't care, pick a mate, as wolves though having a pretty long mating life span, have small litters. they can breed till they are 20 and when they are 30 they start getting grey. All though no one has honestly seen a past 30 wolf but I assure you they are immortal.... just things tend to kill them more often then the others.

    Dragons are wise, birds are Ego inclined, however can be very intelligent beings, and so put them in the same room and there isn't a problem they won't figure out.

    Wolves are prideful, noble creatures, who live and die by the oath of the claw. Which is to hunt swiftly, battle till there is nothing left of your enemy or yourself, and Revenge is everyone's middle name.

    Cats are kinda moody, and want to be left out of this silly conversation. They take naps just like a real cat, but also like a real cat also give no (insert F word here).

    Breeds , birds wolves, dragons, and cats.


    Breed aloud colors, breeding laws inc for this Rp

    Wolves : black (rare), white ( rare) brown, Tan ( uncommon) Red, Grey ( uncommon)

    Dragons: black, white, red, blue Green, purple.

    Birds, ROYGBIV no yellers. Also go for having both Fantasy looking birds, and " real life" birds. patterns and shapes. However, Only four types are alloud, Small song bird type, Large bird of pray, small bird of pray, and Scavenger

    Cats, if a real big cat can be that color. Then your good, same with markings.

    Wolves, will have a " genetic" Code assigned to them. In there breeding page ;p Just some extra fun for pups, and Darky pooo. We all know she loves her genetics. This means that " color" combos of said colors can be possible, and that I can add " discovered coat colors down the line "

    Drags on there breeding page, will have also a Genetic code Assigned to them, as will birds and such. So if you want more colors, more traits, more patterns and such. You'll have to go and get it through breeding.

    Dragons have a clutch of 1 to 4 eggs. ( takes 1 week to hatch)
    Birds have a clutch of 1 to 3 eggs ( three days to hatch)

    Wolves have about 1 to 6 puppies ( four days to be born)
    Cats have a litter up to 3 kittens ( three days to be born)

    Naturally, there will be a " form" you can fill out, that will be generic for the entire Rp.
    But each " Clan" will have its own " baby " listing.

    See more info on rules.

    Before I forget to mention this. Though your " critters" are immortal, and your nest sizes might be big. That does not mean DEATH will not happen in this RP. They will die, by fighting with other creatures, getting sick, inc. They just can't die of old age.

    another thing I'd like to point out before it gets evil.

    This Rp is subject to change its your mission to keep up with it. YES each clan will have a clan page, EVENTUALLY. The Breeding pages will be up " EVENTUALLY' and yes the breeds are getting overhauled " EVENTUALLY' so its with in your best intrest to keep up with stuff.

    Oh and 1 month is 1 year in the RP. Each week being, " a season"


    No you can't ask for Alpha " female" or mate of a " leader", if you are interested you have to be some kind of staff.

    Omen, Hex, Horus, Anubis and Thunder are wolf H howling's characters.

    You can not pick your own "Genetic code" it don't happen in real life it aint happenign here.

    You can't pick the size, the genders, the names, the genetics, or if your going to have ANY still births.

    Babies MUST be claimed before birth/hatch day, or they will just simply " DIE' however I see fit. This includes having a large flesh eating beast steel a baby from the parents and proceed to brutally end its existance. THE RP IS SAVAGE HUNTERS, not fluffy things.

    No god modding
    No mini modding

    Three strikes your out

    There will be no " posting" order, however you are required to post every day because if not your going to be LOST. Those of you who are speedy at your replies, please wait till anyone who hasn't posted with in 12 min to post after 30 minuets if the users you are waiting on still have not posted it fine to post again.

    Both Owners of the characters must agree, to kill off, injur, breed inc a character.

    This is my Rp I'll kill you if you try to mold it into something its not.

    its is wise to point out " questions" and continuity errors.

    ABSOLUTELY NO REAL PICKS. Use Art you find online that gets you close.

    Humans don't exist, you mention humans, I'll end your characters right then and there by a (insert F word here) in RP meter strike and you'll beforced to ware the cone of shame in discord for a week before your aloud back.

    FIRST person who asks, if I'm adding additional breeds to the clans, or additional clans to the Rp, will get a punch to the face. YOU WERE TOLD SEVERAL TIMES RP WILL BE FOREVER CHANGING

    YES. I realize this might be a scaring and gory experience, but what did you think from a title like " Savage hunters"

    No, you have exactly one RP topic. You guys fail to switch between them any way. Were all ways waiting on so and so to meet up in such and such place -_-

    I'll have a leader in the rp announce, when its time to start journing to the " meeting place" or send pups/kittens or hatchlings to rune.

    Suggestions and Ideas, you can keep to yourself, because you people have yet to use the discord version of that, but hey if you actually have a suggestion or idea, and you put in that channel that has been nothing since the dawn of man kind, you'll get a cookie.

    later down the road, there might be " split " off tribes from the main clan. No this may be temorary and agian I want staff in " possitions of power"

    YOU CAN"T CHOOSE what possition your Character is going to be landed in for the clan. This is to create " non" Utopian condition for you or your character. Comfort zone be damned. Your wall flower soft and fluffy character? (insert F word here) warrior if I feel like it, your babies assigned at (insert F word here) birth what they are going to be, you can choose what baby you want to play.

    I have no qualms of killing an entire cluch, and entire litter. in the most gory way possible, and I will too, I will even make it look like I decided to keep them and I will make you love those characters, and then BAM I hit you with the worst Tear jerking soul Crushing death you have ever seen. If you have a problem with that, then this isn't the Rp for you.

    Animals does not = cute fluffy and full of sunshine and rainbows. It doesn't in real life it aint here.

    If you have qualms about anything partaining to " violence", " gore" , " sexual content and themes, " or " the lack of morals " this isn't the Rp for you.

    Speaking of sexy time, you have Pms on discord play it out there... stay away from PMS on here, its bad enough those get bogged down every so often. Black outs

    This being said, you have the right to walk right out of the rp, and stay out, if it get uncomfortable for you.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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