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    Information ( vital so read)


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    Information ( vital so read)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:36 am

    No one know how this came to be, no one knew how things happened.

    but in the scheme of things the island exists, and it is brutal, it is horrid, and if anyone should find, the secrets that lay hidden on an island bound by honor it seems to kill you. Well then maybe it is you that is free.

    The Island,  its a huge place, and a vast body of water unfit to drink surrounds it, there might be more things that lurk in the water. None have dared to swim its expanse. There are 7 regions to this land, that take more then a day to cross. 6 of these places have a beach front, and the last, lies at the island's center.

    They are known as thus:

    Canyon valley, which is East, a plane filled with Canyon's that criss and cross, some jump able,and others not. some deep, and some not, rivers, run through a network of caves in this region, and exotic plants and trees can make it a bit dangerous to travel by most.

    Plain Grass Field. Grass that stretches for what seems to be days, lush green, and all most endless, it is all most like a never ending forest clearing, as it has a stand of trees, surrounding it.

    The Forest of Silence, large trees that nearly blot out the sun, ancient and mighty trees, who have some how lived longer then anything else on the island. Moss, grasses, bushes and the like, large rocks Jut out of this place, to reach the sky. streams mingle and it is the most diverse when it comes to things to eat.

    The waists. A desert, complete with oasis, cactus, rocky out cropping-s, and enough sand to make you wish to never see it again.

    Sighing Cliffs, huge cliffs that run right to the sea in a seires of steps, the cliff faces are massive and have small holes, densely forested, and is home to many pools and water springs.

    Honor Falls, an area that has a bit of all the other regions rolled into it. The place is the most north part of the island. It is also the only part that has a mountainous range of white capped peaks. water falls that will take your breath away and a combination of the rest.

    The last and final is the island's center, and from it rises, the " Savage Peak" which is a fire breathing, horror of a volcano, that spits and grows its land steadily, pooring tracks of lava, that effectivly over the centuries, caused, a clear line drawn between sections. the lava flows clearly marking the borders of each area.

    Last there is the tiny island that is some times connected by a land bridge, off the coast of the forest. It is simply the " right of passage Island" or " Rune Island" which is preferred. The island is a very dangerous place, as it too sports a Volcano. Complete with Geysers, and pit falls.

    Now, since the dawn of time, I would imagine, there has been four Clans.

    The Clawed ones

    The moon talkers

    The winged ones

    The Prowlers.

    The Clawed ones, have the waists and sighing cliffs

    The moon walkers Honor falls and the forest of silence

    The winged ones Canyon Valley

    and the prowlers have Plane Grass Field

    The Clawed ones, are the Dragons. There wyrn leader is non other then Omen, who was rumored to have hatched the day the island had formed. for dragons do not age like others do, and are timeless beasts. There place of Dwelling is known as the Rookery which is located in the Sighing Cliffs, though the raise there younge primarily in the waists, at Hope Oasis refered to as hope.

    The moon walkers, are wolves, the Alpha male, rules with an iron fist, and it is in the silent forest, that there lies a cave, they call the cave of wonders. The pack is mighty and Strong, lead by Hex. The large black male, with a scar that looks like a witches hex running down the side of his face.

    The Winged ones, the Giant birds, Massive beings who fly free. There Master nest is called " Wen " and is simply a large area ware they built many nests, to raist and dwell, using caves and cliff sides, of the canyon they call home, as a means to stay out of the elements. There Chief is non other that " Thunder"

    The Prowler, they care the massive cats that run the plains calling a small opening to once was a active lava tube in the middle of there turf as a means of shelter. There leader, is Horus, and Anubis. Brothers who run the east and West prowler clans with an iron fist.

    The clans will meet once a year, on the top of the volcano, in a temple, those who passed the Island trials on Rune Island. Will be recognized here as full fleged clan members.  This is also ware they make deals, and allies, peace agreements, and hunting rights. Not that any place is with out game.

    young ones, of any " clan" may go ware they please, under the " mingle" packed, of Good hearted babble. But once they pass Rune Island, they must fallow the rules and clan rights and treaties accordingly.

    While all animals of the Clans can under stand each other, it is noted that they speak an accent. Being different Clans of Different species.

    Please see page two for further info.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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