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    Hades: lord of the underworld ( wealth,animals, souls, judgment)


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    Hades: lord of the underworld ( wealth,animals, souls, judgment)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:38 pm

    Here lies the races that fall under Hades's Godly reign all hail Lord Hades! ( see Hades in the gods topic for more information on the god and how these races came to be)

    Reminder all races with an * you must be a mod or have special permission to play.


    Race name: Banshee, they accept no other name

    Race Specifics: They are a specter of sorts, can be male or female, and are said to be quite lovely to see.

    Race Abilities: Banshees are known for their wails, Their howls, but they have delightful singing voices, but their duty calls for one thing. To warn of ones death, if you hear a banshee a loved one is going to die, if you see a banshee you are going to die. However the banshee must be wailing when you see her. They can sing children a soft lullaby until they pass, They can sing to adults with out foretelling an omen and actually take peoples troubles and worries away. Normal ghostly powers, such as being invisible, walking through walls, doing ghostie things.

    Race culture/history/region: They are gentle things, and sweet and tender souls, the thought of death makes them wail so. They like to sing to adults, but won’t to children as that is how they lull the babies and small ones to a peaceful sleep before the reapers come. They are death’s heralds, and often enough warn you four days before your passing, plenty of time to go to a doctor don’t you think or not take unnecessarily risks. They often are seen dancing, and playing with the Fea folk, as they are fea, just as they are. Fairies are not effected by them. However despite them being a Herald of death, they are actually one of Hades’s. They are a representative of Hades’s soft heart, despite them being of a fea origin, they are a soul. Souls are Hades’s domain, and thus they are his. He is very found of the race, and it is said, that you will meet a horrible fate, if you harm a banshee. For His punishment in the afterlife, will be eternal for such a cruel act.


    Race name: Bogart or mimic

    Race Specifics: The Bogart or Mimic, is essentially a Hermaphrodite, in the sense that they are neither male nor female, but can produce both as a male or a female, they are if your wondering related to sea slugs, but with out the violence, they simply choose the opposite gender of Their intended mate. They in their true forms, simply just can’t be seen, except for their glowing eyes, as so you often see them walking around as other races, people, so on. They are quite good at taking the shape and form of any dead person, and do so often. They do have Their favorite forms, and thus it does tend to make it easier to recognize a Bogart. They all have a smell to them, a faint floral sent, of flowers at a funeral. Now all this being said some not all Bogart identify with a sex. Some choose a gender, if Their mom or dad was not a Bogart. As Their non Bogart parents will saddle them with a non gender neutral name.

    Race Abilities: They have great night vision, can copy both living and dead people, right down to their vocal cords, However when coping a were of sorts, they have to copy the wares other forms. This is ware the Bogart tends to slip a bit, as a Bogart will all ways shift five seconds slower due to them needing to copy something, verses actually turning into it, though if your not watching for it, you won’t pick it up. Bogart are attracted to Grief, if someone can not accept that their loved one has died, or left them, they will simply take the form of that loved one. They make wonderful grief counselors. They are also strong, good at coping abilities, and are very pleasant to be around.

    Race culture/history/region:
    Bogart will do anything to protect what has earned Their affections. Children are read too as they are encouraged to pick a character from a book. A baby will take on a shape with in three days of it being born, and normally it takes on a form of a baby its adult Bogart would tell stories about. This is a survival tactic because they know a Bogart with out a copy is scary looking.

    Male Bogarts, ones that prefer or were saddled with a mans name, tend to assimilate lost loved ones the most. The tragic part of this, is a Bogart is attracted to the grief and misery, the attachment, if you happen to loos the bond with that person, or come to terms with your longing and grief. Then the Bogart will simply walk off into the night. However, if the poor Bogart has fallen for you, its rather tragic, as it will not know what form to take to keep you, and it will frantically try and find the form that you like. Going so far as to don a new face every single day until you show interest in one. As the poor dears can’t handle having Their little heart shattered to a million tiny adorable peaces of utter cute putty.
     Ones that prefer to be Female, or were saddled with a girly name, have a better understanding of grief, and instead will take the forms of various people, in hopes that they can get you to forget about the pain and move forward, to say your last goodbye to hug grandpa one last time. They really are the best at counselor duties, they will even go so far as to bake grandma’s cookies to an utter perfect detail, on your birthday. They have such tender hearts.

    That all being said, its dangerous for a “ male” Bogart, as if they are found out its normally due to a baby being born. As a baby Bogart, the child in these cases are more then likely killed, and even the adult Bogart. Its sad, because if you kill a Bogart who have no evil in Their little hearts, that are Innocent cute little babies, its said the world weeps, the moon rises red, and the sun doesn’t shine for three days. Because you have saddened all the gods, Hades however will never fully forgive you. Your punishment won’t be harsh, for he understands that beings kill what they fear. This being said the punishment is, you will return to the world, and you will live a life of misery the second time round. Only then will he forgive you for what you did.

    Candle watcher:

    10.Candle watchers (*)
    Race name: Candle watchers, Candles, Light watchers. Candle men.

    Race specifics: They are a race, that tend to be thin, lanky, tall, and have dark hair and eyes. Their appearance can be quite jarring to adults, they tend to have tanned skin, and females have long and body-less hair. Females, will have well kept nails, and and tend to stay further back in the shadows. They are all ways clean shaven.

    Race Abilities: Their eyes see the souls of those past, they also see the souls of the living. They are strong, agile, and have the ability to walk between life and death for they are Hades's. Open worlds and portals to the unknown. They have the ability to break spells and curses. They tend to leave, candles on peoples door steps, each color meaning something. They produces these candles as if by magic. They have the ability to grant a small wish, to any soul.
    Red= you are in love, and down the right path.
    Pink= You are going to have a little one
    Light blue= your baby is a boy
    Green= good luck and good fortune.
    Yellow= your soul is ugly and you should scrub it
    Black= some one you know is going to die dark omen
    White= they have come to collect.

    Race culture/history/region:
    Candle watchers are unique. They will start to watch a house the second a pumpkin is placed by a lanterner ( see lanterner) Since the flame of the jack o lantern is a small child's soul, they allow the pumpkin and the light to remain with the family during Halloween. However once it is passed, they take the pumpkin, Leaving normally a candle, or small trinket. The pumpkins are taken to the beyond (aka the underworld) , ware the souls return. However if the family is present. They will come face to face with a male Candle watcher. Adults will feel sick and feel fear in their presence. Children however will feel not this, and will be compelled to give the Candle watcher, a peace of candy. This will make him smile, and his wife or children, might venture out, as they are quite shy otherwise. They then will leave the pumpkin, and take the soul out of the jack o lantern, while you watch. The soul then is granted one wish for the family that stood in the face of fear for them. The Candle watcher, will grant the wish, by blowing the Jack o Lantern out. It is bad luck, and death to all who smash a Jack o lantern, for a Candler is watching, and those who do such a thing are taken to the beyond.  Candle watchers rarely take mates out side of their race, but when they do so, they a very tender hearten souls. It is often that a reaper who can not stomach it themselves, calls a Candle watcher, by lighting a silver candle. They will then take the soul for them, who ever or how old they are matters not. If a person who isn’t one of deaths races lights a silver candle, you must pay the toll, and three gold coins will placed with your lifeless corpse. If however you light a gold candle with the silver candle, they will tell you ware to find who ever is missing. If a gold candle is lit by itself, a Candle watcher might come of its own accord, for a chat.

    Demi Gods:

    20.Demi Gods

    Race name: Demi gods, thats pretty much all you can call them.

    Race Specifics: Demi gods are the sons and daughters of Gods and some other race, and thus they are god like beings, that look similar to what race they are crossed with.

    Race Abilities: They will all most all ways show related powers to their parents, and the powers of the race they were crossed with. Sometimes they will show a power that is out of the blue and that is again rare. ( you must get power approval from a mod)

    Race Culture/history/region:
    Demi gods do not have a set culture, and as for the way of history it can be quite colorful. They are normally nomadic but a lot do settle in an area and such. Specific gods do not have Demi god children, no god who has races under them have demi god children. Its one of Hades’s hobbies to take in Demi children, and help them with their powers, as such Hades is practically their leader, or king. As they can’t harm anything in the underworld as they practice learning their abilities. Its like Hades’s day camp for Demi gods. Though if you ask him, more like boring school for godly delinquents.

    ( please ask a staff member if you can play a demi god out side of a god rp, even if the Rp allows them. As, some people would not be able to handle the easily able to god mod character, and thus no person who hasn’t been with us and rp’d regularly for three months be eligble to rp such a character outside of a Rp who’s only playable races would be gods and demi gods such as a “ half blood camp” of sorts.)



    Race name:Halfings, Half lings, or half breeds.

    Race Specifics: They are a melding of one race with another race ( Get howl to approve of your halfing before signing up)

    Race Abilities: They share half the abilities of one parent and half the abilities of the other

    Race Culture/history/region:
    A halfing is a child of one pure race member and a diffrent race member who is also of a pure line. All children with the fallowing “ percents” are considered halfings.
    1/2, 1/4. 1/8 and may have up to four races with in them. For the sake of consistency sake, anything that is below 1/8th of something is not countable. Such as if I had a child that is only 1/16th of a specific race, then it isn’t that race at all. Further, some races do not cross, such as Reapers, reapers x anything will all ways result in a full blood child of said race.
    ( Its wise to ask howl, if a paring will even produce a halfling, you might be surpised to find out that it might produce another race all together)



    Race name: Lanterners, Lanterns, and even sometimes lantern men

    Race Specifics: they are mostly male, tall dark mysterious sort, and carry with them from the age of 5 a lantern. Rare ish females, are phantom ish like, and also carry a lantern. They all ways ware old fashioned clothing. They often are mistaken as ghosts from railroads, coach drivers, gravediggers, or in the case of ladies, they are mistaken for lost ghostly women.

    Race Abilities:The lantern is a reflection of the Lanterner's soul. They tend to pumpkin patches, and other plants in gardens in pocket dimensions their lanterns will open. Each one being a key of sorts. If the flame goes out in a lanterners's lantern, Evil is close by. IT will relight and the Lanterner then will be seen once more, when evil leaves. They are often seen guiding those in dangerous positions to safety. Their one defense is to burn those with their phantom flames, which is what lights the lantern they hold. Those pocket worlds their lantern can open can be entered by the lanterner and anyone he wishes to bring. If Evil is too close, and that is the only way to get by. They will pick pumpkins from there pumpkin patches, carve them, then leave them on the door steps, of families who have lost a child. The spirit of that child will light the pumpkin. Letting those of the living know they are fine, they do this only on Halloween. They are able to wonder large distances, in a single night, and they only sleep four hours a day.

    Race Culture/history/region:
    They obtain there lanterns by simply going to sleep one night, and waking it to being by their bedside. They are often seen mindlessly roaming at night, though children unless orphaned never are seen, as they are with their mothers, and rarely roam with daddy. In the case of children from a female lanterner, they stay with their daddy. They do not choose mates of there own race, as the children need to stay with someone. If this happens the children will then be left with a close friend or realitive. Lanterners all ways find there ways back home. They linger at graveyards and walk dark paths. They are all ways polite, and often quite gentle. They start wondering at the age of 13, and if they do not have a ‘ mate’ they will continue to wonder until they find one. Once a lanterner settles down with a mate, they will then only wonder with in a large area. Being back normally before dawn, they begin wondering about just before 9. They will not live in an region or area that has light more then 12 to 13 hours a day. They will gleefully wonder north ware area’s will have darkness for 6 months out of the year. Though they are seen through out the world. Fun fact, it is said, that when they pass away, that they are the lights that light the underworld. With there happy little lanterns lighting the paths and guiding souls to ware they would like to be with in the after life. Hades really does have a soft spot for the sweet little dears.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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