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    ARES GOD OF WAR ( warriors, music, love)


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    ARES GOD OF WAR ( warriors, music, love)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Thu Dec 27, 2018 8:02 pm

    Here lies the races that fall under Are's Godly reign all hail Lord Ares! ( see Are's in the gods topic for more information on the god and how these races came to be)

    Reminder all races with an * you must be a mod or have special permission to play.


    Race name: Amazonian or " amazon" they accept both.

    Race Specifics: Female amazons are no shorter than then 5 feet 11 inches, and can be as tall as 6 foot 9 inches. They are broad shouldered, big chested, lean, mean fighting machines, exotic in their appearance, having bronzed skin, eyes that are green, blue and hazel, as brown is genetically impossible. Hair ranging in colors of black to even a deep auburn, these amazon females are exotic beauties. With long legs.  The men however, range from 5 foot 2 inches, to five foot 9 inches. They have tan complexions, but nothing to write home about, and their eye color and hair, is also nothing to write home about. In fact they are homely, lean, and all though they can be quite a homely catch, are again nothing to write home about, their facial hair is also nothing to write home about.

    Race Abilities: Amazons are strong and very Intelligent.

    Race culture/history/region: Amazons have a very interesting culture. Only Females may learn the art of war, venture out of the village, govern, hold positions of power, conduct trades, hunt, and invite non Amazons to the village. Males, cook, clean, raise children, and in addition to this they are only allowed to wield lighter shorter blades, clubs inc, and only learn in defense fighting, to protect the village while the girls are out. The guys are also aloud to build, as its viewed that men are so good at hiding everything they build is camouflaged and they are not far from the truth. Men are allowed to teach, have a say in what goes on in the household, and even garden. They are very good at teaching the next generation and play a key roll in the development of females sword play. If their father is particularly good at defense, his daughters will graduate to Female teachings with a advantage.  While his sons, will make very good husbands.  Men are quite content in the way they live, as they are genetically all unfortunately shy.  Men would rather be with their families, and watch over hearth and home, then to do all those scary things the girls do. If a female shames the village, she is sent forth into the world or expelled, she can be taken into another village, or blaze her own path and develop a new Village. Men when they are kicked out, and that is the only way they will leave, unless escorted by their wife you know to protect them. Will hide in what the guys call a cloak of shame, only their eyes are visible, as they run around trying to hide, and or find another village.

    This results in some pretty funny facts, men hide in closets, and behind their females, so no one thinks they exist.  Another thing is how a Guy gets a wife.  Females organize and have the " Flower men festival" once a year. Ware men show off their defense skills by sparing with other men, which for them isn't scary at all, as they know all amazonian males are well not scary.  The top ten, then progress and fight the top female fighter, she being the attacker, and him defending normally a square shaped fence meant to signify a home. The males will defend the structure, if they last long enough for the children a volunteer female child and normally a male relation also a child, are in the fenced area, to escape out of the fenced area,  and into another fenced area, with out the attacking female, tapping them once, or for a period of time greater then a minuet, they " win" they place the top ten males, in order of how long they lasted, the winning male or number one male, having had the children escape and continue to defend the home until time ran out, is the champion of the flower fest. The male who is champion of the flower fest, is then heavily showered in gifts and courted, the females vying for the top males affections. The other ten males are vied for but not as aggressively. The rest of men still have a chance, and have next year to catch a females eye. After a male marries, he wears a pretty ribbon around his neck, normally his wife's favorite color.

    Crusader :


    Race name: Crusaders, Holly army

    Race Specifics: Crusaders, are normally broad shouldered, fair, tan, and mostly male. Tall, no shorter then 5 foot 10 inches and no taller then 6 foot 4inches, there females are normally slender, exotic looking, and resemble a goddess.

    Race Abilities: Crusaders are a lot of people who have stamina, strength, cunning, and the ability to bleed only a little bit, and surviving what most would consider fatal.

    Race Culture/history/region: A nomadic race, they join fights, all ways choosing the side, that has some holy agenda, or to appease some higher power. The woman who fallow, will then stand behind the army, and pine for them. Though its known that the woman fight just as well, they just would rather, be treated like ladies, not war mongering men. They tend to be soft and not easy to anger. There tradition demands it, Crusading females often will don skimpy armor, which distracts the enemy. One would think that with all the war and death the species would falter and die out one horrific war after another. But I kid you not, they are going strong. As seeing Crusading females, or Crusader females, either term is correct, will have twins, or triplets. Men who have no twin or twins, are considered General worthy, while women who come from a single birth are consider the only ones worthy with in the race to speak forth to Ares god of war, or to marry a General, which is the Equivalent of a lord. The odd ratio to females to males, is fine, as most men will take a “ non” crusading wife. However they are considered as to be as grand as their husband until he dies, if they have no children she looses the status, and must go back to her own tribes or races. They are quite loyal, and quite good at farming, and gaining work when there is no war to go on.



    Race name: Cyborgs, Machine men, and Cybermen

    Race Specifics: They are men and woman, who have mechanical parts. Normally of the human race. They never replace more then half their body, as to be a brain in a tin can to them is worse then death. However Cyborgs when they have children, will have children who natrually have some type of organic metal normally what they consider a birth mark.
    They can craft organic metal and organic materials for their replacements.

    Race Abilities: Their machine like parts normally replace a limb, giving them strength agility or even good vision, they are however, very keen at keeping Music, alive, and aprishate lovely things. As such Cyborgs tend to be very pretty or handsome, depending on the gender, and more then happy to play a song or two. This they are known for replacing arms and parts, with movements fluid and nimble both for the art of war, and for the love of music.

    Race Culture/history/region:
    They will accept anyone into the fold if you choose to have a broken part of you or a part of you repaired or replaced, you become a cybrog, and thus one of their race, nomadic, and often times alone, or traveling in small groups, they often help out with wars and aid in various other risky things. They do have one or two cities and towns, that flank the world, but as such most tend to not linger their choosing to continue to battle, and war. One can’t be sure the reasons for the entire race, or how its possible for a replaced limb to make them a cyborg and then have cyborg children, but that is the ways of it.


    Race name:Grewls ( Gr ool is how its pronounced)

    Race Specifics: Tan skin, males tend to be muscular, tall, slim enough still to look nothing like a big imposing force, and females tend to be exotic. The slight olive tone to there skin is from them not getting as much sun. Long hair, for only females, and males crop it short, or man bun it. Females are slender and large hipped.

    Race Abilities: They are smart, good with medicine, war, and art. They can preform some magic, and have the ability to brew various teas that can cure a lot of ailments that are rare and deadly.

    Race Culture/history/region: The Grewl are a race that has a deep and rich culture. Barbaric in some of their practices, such as taking small male children of 11 into battle. To start there journey to adult hood, while females are treated more or less as equals but only in medicine, and art. Other then that, its often that females are treated well not in the best light. They can hold jobs, as long as they are allowed by a male, to have such a right. Husbands normally will allow this however, and its an old tradition only the higher born up hold, but non the less its amusing to say the least. Further, to this ironic state, females often are the ones who make the better battle plans, and as such generals for bid their wives from going any ware, with out them, for fear they will be kidnapped. Some men practice the ancient right of holding a harem. That being said, the females in this harem are honestly ok with it. The grewl are a race of beings that if they wanted you’d never find them and its honestly tradition to make their camps and cities hard to find.



    Race name: The Rogue, the Rogue, thee rogue, and Mercenaries.

    Race Specifics: they all have the brand of the Rouge some place on them. They live and die by the rogue code.

    Race Abilities: Range between individuals and have some discrepancies. See Race Culture/history/region for better details.

    Race Culture/history/region:
    The Rogue answer to no one, they can be hired to most anything from assassination to weeding the garden. Popping tent cities ware ever they set up “ forever” camps, as one day their children’s children might pick up and move on. Very rarely do they have more permanent dwellings, and most times, maps half to be redrawn every year or so, as the cities or towns can move several miles in any direction nearly over night. Making this honestly impossible, and why Rogue reporting stations have become a thing. The unique race is mostly made up of other races, however, the mark of the rogue, makes them of the rogue race. Children of “ pure” rogue, another words it has been four or more generation of rogues, who married fourth and down more generation rogues, to have children. Are simply born with the “ rogue” mark. The rogue mark, is of a sword and rose, placed on them by magic. A pure rogue has the ability to “ place” the rogue mark on non race members making them “ rogue” Pure rogues naturally are the only ones who may lead a town, or troupe of the rogue. Further, Pure rogues, have the ability to forge rogue weapons who are bound to a blood line, or a single member of a blood line. They can also use basic magic, and tend to be exotic looking. Males being buff, and of a tan coloration, with exotic eyes. All ways having one a different color then the other. They normally have hair colors that are a mix of many things. The females are normally tone, and very slender of build. Tall, and have slightly darker tans, females also sport the rare eye trait as well as having a ability to for tel danger. All pure rogues can summon strong creatures, using sword magic. A summoned creature will be summoned for 12 hours before then vanishing unless the owner says otherwise. The True Rogues, Rogues who had two rogue parents, but are not a long line of rogues either because both parents joined, or one of them did not have a ‘ pure” line. They do not have the rare eye trait, do not have the ability of site, and often lean towards a half breed appearance. They however have the ability to summon low level creatures, and can easily predict changes in the heat of battle. Lastly comes the lowest ranked of the rogue and they are the “learned” they are the recently joined, Rogue. They have the abilities of there original race and nothing more. ALL Rogue have the ability to talk to other Rogues by focusing on their mark of the rogue.  Lastly, traitors of their own kind, people who are oddities of their own race, will be brought with in the Rogue race, if a pure one decides their loyalties can still be trusted.
    Rogues that kill another rogue with out just cause, steal from anyone, harm another out of revenge, or do evil, will die. Their mark will burst into flames, representing the anger of Ares’s wrath at the broken vow. A flame that will not go out, will not stop, until everything that they are is turned to ash. The children if said traitor if they had any, will have a black slash through his rogue mark, marking him or her as the children of a traitor, or brother, or mother or father. Only one in the family line must show Ares his worth, and that he is of valor, honor, and a rogue till death, before the mark is restored.

    Some races can’t be come rogue. ( ask before you sign up a character if they can be of such and such originating race if they are a “ learned” or true Rogue. You do not half to ask about playing a pure, but you will have to ask about a pure in a leader ship title not all the pure lead a troupe or town of rogue or in a position)

    Spartans :


    Race name: Spartans

    Race Specifics: Males range in height, from 5 foot 7inches to 6 foot 9 inches, females are not under 5 foot 5inches. Males exhibit muscle tone, broad shoulders, and ripped abs. Females slender bodies, and an hour glass figure. However there is tone there as well, and a lean muscle that would be able to pull back a strong bow. Females keep their hair long, they do not cut their hair, unless their men have been defeated, but not killed. Woman often have dark hair, while the men normally sport sun bleached. Ranging from black, to all most bleached blond.

    Race Abilities: To strike fear into the hearts of there enemies just from the shear sight of their massive chest. Or in the case of a female, from the sight of her frown and all knowing stern stare. You know the kind your mother gives and you start praying to god instantly. They learn that at birth. They have the ability to lift seemingly impossible things, like really seemingly impossible things. Yet be as gentle as a lamb. They love as strongly as they rage war and vise verso. They also have the ability to regenerate limbs, and also have stamina up the wazoo. They also, have the ability, to for some reason, go with out eating for three weeks, and water with out two, and the last day, they have the ability to eat anything. This includes their own shoes, they do not experience pain, and so everything is a flesh wound. THEY COULD BE DYING AND ITS A FLESH WOUND. They also have the ability to summon a demon that is essentially a large whole, in which they will push you into. After all they have to feed their pet whole.

    Race Culture/history/region: They love as passionately as they rage war, and the other way around. In fact how females choose who they will and will not allow to court them is that single girls, and woman, will often times watch battles from a distance, acting as bowmen. The guys who rage war with the most horrifically passionate war cries, are vied for, you could be ugly as all hell, but if you can cut a man in half. Your like the hottest thing around if you add in the war cry that makes them quiver. Oddly enough, men go for woman who have a strong bow arm. Also a woman tossing them is the hottest thing you can do for them. Also this is sparta is by far there favorite thing to YELL, to an enemy as they are dying either by decapitation or some falling sort of death. Despite there not being a Sparta anymore. The ancient city of Sparta, was reduced to rubble, because Ares felt like it.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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