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Patreon Announcement!

Dark Soul

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Patreon Announcement!

Post  Dark Soul on Mon Oct 22, 2018 3:06 am

Hello, hello, hello, my dear ones!  Hopefully you are aware of the idea Howl and I have had of starting up a Patreon campaign.  You've probably heard of Patreon, most people who either do live feeds on YouTube or regularly post videos to YouTube will usually mention Patreon either in their video descriptions or at the end of their videos.  Patreon is just a nice way for people to earn a little money for smaller things like homemade crafts, art commissions, and in our case, supporting a website.

What are we going to put the money towards that we earn from Patreon?
- Sadly, running a website takes time.  Howl, Radar, and I put our blood, sweat, and tears (mainly the last two, but depending on the day, blood as well) into running this site.  Life is already stressful enough for us, especially since all 3 of us are living pay check to pay check.  That doesn't help our mental states.  So a portion of the money will be used to help give us a little extra cushion so we can know that this bill is gonna get paid or there'll be food for the week or we can get our meds for the month or whatever.  Remember, if the three of us crash, the site crashes (well it doesn't literally crash, but it'll either be put on hold or shut down completely.)  It'll also help to save us some money for better computers so that we don't have to put the site or Discord on hold because of technological errors (outside of potential internet server issues.)
- Part of the money will be put towards making the site ad free and give it its own domain name so that there'll no longer be that forumotion tagged on in the URL line.  It'll just be  How awesome will that be?!
- Of course, we do have other mods and temp mods that help us run things both on the site and on our Discord channel.  So what we decided is that around Christmas, they get a nice little holiday commission for helping us out and keeping all our ducks in a row, and, if we eventually generate enough revenue, give them a nice summer commission too.
So that is what the money will be going towards (mostly, up until we start diving into the merchandise area of things, please keep reading for more details on that.)

How will the tiers be set up?
$1 - No reward, but we highly appreciate the smallest donation we can get.
$5 - Howl loves fish, and wish fish come cute aquatic snails.  He's got two different species of snails that make decent sized shells, They're very pretty and he ultimately has nothing to do with them once the snails have sadly passed. $5 get you one of the shells of the species of your choice out of the two he has.
$10 - For every month you donate $10, you get an RP idea submission slip (working on making that.)  This is meant more for the standard, non-staff members who don't usually get to submit their ideas.  You get to submit one RP idea for each idea submission slip you gain, and you can only submit one a month.  Submitting it doesn't guarantee it'll happen, the site staff will get together, determine if it'll be worth getting out there, and then if it will be rolled out, work with you on who controls what since non-staff members can't delete or edit posts nor create topics.
$25 - For every month that you donate $25, you get a drawing from Howl, Radar, or myself of a character that we absolutely love from one of the RPs you are in.  It could be a character that we play, that you play, or that someone else plays.  It'll be our interpretation of that character, what we think that character would like it, etc.  We will rotate out each month, so first month you'd get a drawing from me, then Howl, then Radar.  (btw, haven't actually talked to Radar yet so she might not want in on this but we know she loves drawing, so hopefully she'll find it fun.)
$50 - You get a random item, god knows what it'll be, from Howl as well as knowing that your donation will be put towards helping Howl move out of his gram's apartment so he can stop dealing with her whiny butt.
We may eventually add higher tiers for monthly donations, but for now, this is all we have.

You mentioned something about merchandise earlier, can you elaborate, please?
Yes.  If we're able to get enough money going, we've decided that we're going to try and look into getting some nice little merchandise to help save the planet and advertise the site.  We're thinking on reusable coffee cups, bags, water bottles, maybe even shirts, etc that'll have Imagination Required Forum RPG or Forum RPG Haven on it, possibly with one of our banners as well depending on how things go, for one time donations of certain amounts.  Now again, this part won't happen until later, after we have a regular flow of money being generated.  But think about it, right now, you say you're into RPing and people instantly think of WoW or DnD (not saying that those aren't fun, but they're not quite the same as what we do, either.)  If we get enough popularity going, you could one day go up to someone and say "oh, I like to RP" and they'll go "you mean like writing style?  I like to do that, too!"  How cool would that be?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to post below.  Remember, your contribution helps to keep this site running without ads and without the crippling handicap of relying on the host server, and helps to give the staff members financial peace of mind and better equipment to keep things operational.  So if you haven't already started, start telling your friends about us, get our site out there so that we can have fun and do it without any crippling side effects (while getting fun little bonuses too.  Wink )

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