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Some Guidelines for Spreading the Word of the Site

Dark Soul

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Some Guidelines for Spreading the Word of the Site

Post  Dark Soul on Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:37 am

Hey everyone.  So with the Patreon idea in the works, Howl and I thought it'd be best if some guidelines were covered when advertising for new members.

  1. Make sure that you inform the potential player that some of the RPs may include explicit scenes (but only in selected RPs and warnings will be posted in those RPs) and foul language that will be mildly altered to be slightly less offensive (again, only in selected RPs where warnings will be posted.)
  2. Check on ages.  If you don't know the person in RL, make sure they are at least 13 years old or has the mentality of one, don't advertise for the  mature RPs unless they're at least 17 years of age.  You don't have to get their exact age, just ask if they're at least 13 or 17.
  3. Make sure that you let them know that ideas may, and most likely will, be shot down or criticized for whatever reason.  It could be anywhere from it just doesn't fit the direction the RP is going in to something as extreme as it threatens to break site and/or rules of that RP.
  4. Make sure they are aware that until the Patreon thing gets rolling, that we will not be taking ideas for new RPs as we won't have the member base for such a thing to have much purpose.
  5. Inform them that the site is currently being restructured while we prepare to make things more fitting for the new RPs we will be rolling out and to fit new rules of staffing promotions and such (as those will be effected by Patreon.)
  6. Please, please, please let them know that there is, or rather will be, a race list for the site that is to be followed for all public RPs.  The purpose of this is to make sure no one is confused about how a species of the same name is to be played in different RPs, so there won't be like vampires in RP A burn up in the sun and die if they touch garlic, while vampires in RP B sparkle in the sun and feed on animal blood, while vampires in RP C don't do any of those things.  This also makes it easier to recycle characters from RP to RP.
  7. Make sure to let them know we have a Discord channel so that everyone can communicate with each other with much ease. It is accessible both on computers and on phones.
  8. And lastly, tell them that Howl does movie nights for holidays and birthdays, and sometimes just for fun!  He streams it online so anyone who can access the website or use the app on their phone can join in.  (Howl has also made the promise that if we get a total of 30 members on the site by December 1st, he will stream the new Disney Nutcracker movie that is coming out!)

So have fun inviting people!  Make sure you inform them of these things!  We look forward to having more people playing so that we can release more RPs and have more fun!

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