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The race list



Read the post, and select the corresponding letter, or letters, to what you vote.

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The race list

Post  wolfHhowling on Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:06 pm

Ok so this is about our race list. I've been having issues in RL, and well you understand how that goes. I've recently gotten some time to figure things out, due to a knee complications and now that I am of a clear mind and ok physicality I can address a lot of my RL issues.

This boils down to the fact that I'll have time to actually do that thing I said I'd be doing. Amazing. I know. So your wondering well howl, get to the damn point, I am, I am.

Ok, so this boils down to the race list, and I have to explain what each one of these are. In here as they do not give you enough space for it in multiple choice. that and a lot of you don't read the post attached so this is my way of forcing you to make educated pole choices, were not the USA and this not a vote for commander and Chief because if that was the case this pole wouldn't matter. Were also not corrupt like everyone in politics and thats why your actually getting a poll that matters.

So read and vote because it actually does matter.

1. We can the race list all together, however, rps then will take weeks sometimes moths to form and be placed up. Moderation will be slow, a chore, and we'll all hate you forever and all ways. But yes, the race list would be no more, but Chaos would return to the site and no not the fun loving Chaos, but evil. So by voting A, you are saying that you want site destruction, and turmoil for us to go back to the dark ages.

2. We fix the race list, all of it, and swap out the 90 races that were canned due to their lack luster existence. Put up the races all 200 of them as it was before. Speak nothing of it. However this would result in us having the forever cap of 200 races. By voting B you are practically saying, you have no desire to play anything out side the four or five normal races you've heard about, and that creativity had died for you eons ago and so you'll vote B.

3. We go to a new system, one that will drive wolf H howling the creator of the list to madness, that involves kind of like a pokemon type classing, dark type so on and so forth. This would result in the ability to find things easier less need for a numbered alphabetical list, which means you will be able to suggest races or request for a new race to be added, and it can be done with out qualms or hassles, other then ware in sam's hell I'm going to put the beastie. So by voting C you care not for my sanity nor the complexity of the game Pokemon and how countless Nintendo Employees have contemplated death over trying to class cute cartoonish monsters into a card system so you can play it on your DS. So by voting C you truly are a cruel ( B***ard) , but still have a thriving need to be creative, and have a changing creative force for the site.

4. We could implement a better system all together, remember that site religion. well we just class the races as to how they fall under there cute and adorable religious affiliations, each god in the howl mythos, would be assigned based on there character traits, the races. Ex Lord Death ( aka the god of death) would have reapers under him as they work for him so on and so forth. ya fallowing, he'd also have shadows and other things that are deadly, work for him, or kinda taken under his wing so to speak. These gods they are affiliated with do not have to be included with the Rps. But this also can set up a Howl Mythos Rp with in minimal time. if your inst rested in playing a God like Rp. Gods and Demi gods would be listed under the class " mythos" in turn as they do not have a ruling god in the howl mythos. That and it kills confusion. This will also make it easy for races to find, and it will be easy for me to add more later on. by voting D you value howl's sanity, and want for the race list to updated in a timely way, though you understand that this method will take less time, will also take enough time.

5. Above are four of the votes possible. By also voting for this option, E, I agree with the winning vote, so long as it is up and running by the first of 2019 at the latest.

6. By voting for this additional option F, I am under the impression that this doesn't even matter, as the fact stands, any of these options would be good so long as we get results soon. by December infact two months is beyond reasonable.

7. by voting this additional option G. I am understanding, and know what its like, as long as we see progress its better then nothing. That being said, I am of firm belief that this pole was not necessary as most of the user base, has no idea what is best for the site. Nor cares about the welfare or needs of the staff governing it. This is why I think this matter should be agree'd on upon by staff, and this pole forgotten, generally speaking if G were to gain the second popular vote, or most popular vote. If A tie were to be one, it is clear the user base is in conflict with itself, and thus you should do as you feel and see fit. Granted that you have your priorities straighten out.

just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

and now you know

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