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The Howl, and his great grand entrance XD


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The Howl, and his great grand entrance XD

Post  wolfHhowling on Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:57 pm

I am a Man, I have a girl friend, I know some codding, and yes I codded the silly pretty effects of this site. I spent at least 12hours getting it so.

I don't bite, I answer question when I can, and I have been Rping, since 2009. I am an Editor for an author, and I currently work at a garden center. Ware I am lord and master of my section.

I don't bite... But I must warn, I was the undisputed shadow king. Who ruled with an Iron creepy fist.

But don't blow my cover, I am a cute and fuzzy little howl. Smile

Either call me wolf, howl, WHH, WolfH, or Hhowling. I will also answer to Hector. Just don't use it unless its urgent.

I float around, I do my thing, and I am dyslexic, so stuff your rude comments about my spelling and grammar into the coffee grinder will you.
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