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    Bleepology ( mandatory read)


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    Bleepology ( mandatory read)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:59 pm

    ( Disclaimer, the invention of Bleepology for the site was the sites way of getting around any Religious views and stigmas people might have with the races, the views and meaning instilled with bleepology are in no means what we actually think or feel. No does this reflect anyone views or feelings of religion. As we welcome all walks of life, and thus are very tolerant of your religious beliefs we just don't want it on the site, and while having all these races possed a bit of a struggle, as they are ment to all be interlockable, and as well functional in every aspect of the site. Thus we needed to develop a religion a one true religion if you will on how everything works and functions as a whole. I repeat that this does not reflect on staff, but is merely a fantasy fabrication used to get around sigmas and dogmas of other real religions in order for game play to function as we intended. You'll see once you have read races and such and learn of this site fictional religion)

    The one and true religion and the only factual one for the entire site, is Bleepology.


    In bleepology there is no ruler of heaven, or ruler of hell. Hell and Heaven are two places you can find In the underworld, or through the vale. The underworld composes both of upper and lower Underworld, which makes up your heaven your hell, the rest of the world is what is known as " middle ground" ware your common races everything from Humans to elves live.

    Angels reside in heaven, Demons in hell. Demons are not inherently evil, and Angels are not inherently good.

    As such Angels can fall if they go against the rules of heaven, and demons can accend if they become too virious.

    The Rules of Heaven are simple and easy to fallow, however you can fall very easily and its a hard path to fallow.

    The rules, one must live a path of virtue, honor, and humility. You must live to the best that you can a bright and meaningful life, and value yours and others lives.

    Another words you can fall if your suicidal, Prideful, arrogant, too hot headed, and beat or harras others.

    Hell is simple.

    Family is everything but you come first, a dead you does no good. If its not dead, burn it alive again

    Cruelty is a means to and end.

    So if you are just too cute cuddly and love tenderly and softly you accend

    Heaven is ware people with hardly any vices go

    and hell is ware your bikers end up most of them.

    When some one dies on the middle plain they are judged and get reincarnated as either a demon or an Angel.

    If An Angel dies in heaven they become a race in middle ground. Same for demons.

    Souls can reside out side of this cycle as well, making it flexible most reapers for instance don't bother with the cycle.

    Gods are simply all powerful beings charged with keeping the balance of the cycle of life and death, of souls and all the living and dead things. They can be worshiped, as there is no " God " or " devil"

    Though there is " good" and " evil" there is much much more Grey and the line isn't all that fine its rather murky and muddled.

    How this effects specific " religion" bound races will be illustrated in there bios.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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