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    Post  wolfHhowling on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:34 pm

    ( this picks up ware we left off, a copy of the rp play exists here don't post in it.)

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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    Post  Silent Reaper on Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:25 pm

    The evil that had been waiting for long enough now decided the time to act was nigh. The evil condensed and solidified, taking the form of a man. He stretched and chuckled. He had felt the shift of attention onto everything around him, and he would indeed provide a show worth watching. The dark man strode over to where his treasures and tools were kept in his secret base, deep within the earth where the sun does not reach, and picked up a delicately carved box. The seals carved into the wood and colored in blood was a stolen artifact, containing a slumbering titan; one of the few born of the spilled blood of Caine himself. The man admired the box before he smashed it to the floor, shattering the ancient artifact. Blood oozed from the box, multiplying over the remains until it bubbled and heaved into a shape and solidified into a very handsome angel with black wings and curling rams horns. His face was incredibly attractive, and his black as night hair fell to just past his shoulders, and his eyes were the clearest shade of blue. The angelic looking figure knelt before the man that had freed him. "What is your wish, my lord?" The angel purred, his deep voice like melted chocolate on the ears.

    The man grinned and chuckled. "Slaughter.... Son of Caine, and one of the very few Ebons still alive, but one of the most powerful to walk the earth. My wish is for you to help me with a small.... 'task.' It is time for me to make my move, and for us to put on quite a show. Now, your tasks are this....."


    Slaughter grinned. "As you wish, my lord, and with pleasure." He chuckled and flew up, disappearing into the shadows to do the evil man's dark bidding.


    Valentine strode out into the forest. Bob had just been freed via Hessy, and the freed sea demon went with baby Burgy to raise him in the depths of the sea, where Val could not follow. The young necromancer never really had many friends, but Bob had been a huge exception. Without Bob, Val had no idea what to do anymore. Before he met Bob, he had been nothing; a wandering man with death's unshakable mark on him, with no home, no purpose, and a name that meant little to nothing. He strode out into the forest, and as he did, the evil played on his mind, making Val turn to darker and more sinister thoughts.

    King, being still very young in the eyes of the world, felt something was off, where his father more than likely would pay little mind at the moment, as things so commonly seen would be rendered invisible over a long time. King stayed close to his father, but did nothing to voice his worries, his head swinging around as he searched for the source of his bad feeling.

    Trixie sighed. "Ace? Do you think Val will be okay? Was that the right choice for him to make?"

    Sekhmet growled and stalked off. It was here. The war goddess could feel it. She slipped away from Izzy unnoticed and shifted into her lioness headed god form, ready to fight the evil head on.

    Izzy curiously walked over to Death and poked him lightly. "Osiris?" She asked innocently. "What are you doing here? Don't you have work to do in the Underworld?"

    Tsuki suddenly stood rigid, her eyes turning a flat silver. Her hair floated a little and she started mumbling incantations in a forgotten tongue. The girl walked over to Fenrir and placed her hand on the great wolf, power and vitality flowing through him as the girl continued to mumble.

    It was then the assault started. From the shadows, the evil whispered in Devon's mind. The young man was already deep in depression, and it took little effort to push Devon into jumping out of the tower to his death. As an added insult to injury, the evil devoured the soul, so there would be nothing to be gained for Hades from this death. But that was only the begining, you see, as Slaughter was working too.

    Slaughter found the pyromaniac Joule and took great relish in killing her. He knew she liked explosions, and forced her into the armory. Her screams made no sound as he stabbed her full of TNT and dumped gasoline on her. He then piled more explosives on top of the girl, and to finish it off, put a grenade into her mouth with a pulled pin. He flew away and watched the spectacular explosion unfold in a giant mushroom cloud of a fireball. He chuckled, pleased with his poetic work, and flew to his next target as his evil master worked on his second.

    The man found Eris, and uncerimoniously ate her alive, as well as consumed her soul. He chuckled at the meager remains when he had his fill. No one would be able to identify the corpse by sight as the former goddess, and he felt more power coursing through his veins as the power of the divine soul added to his own existing power.

    Slaughter visited where Lorietta was drinking at her and Inferno's home. He smoothly slid in... and proceeded to live up to his name. Screams echoed all throughout the halls, and once Slaughter was done with his work, blood and gore were everywhere in the bedroom. There was not even enough of Lorietta left to bury, he had been that thorough, leaving just an epic, bloody mess in his wake.

    Next, the evil found dear Alastor.... the fury who loved the now long since dulled goddess of spring. He chuckled to himself and took possession of Alastor, making the poor boy black out as he was masterfully puppetted. Persephone had no idea what was happening until it was far too late, as the evil man made Alastor rape and murder his former queen in cold blood, her own blood now feeding the plants she once so carefully tended. The man devoured that goddess's soul before he left, only when he was gone allowing Alastor to wake from the trance and take a look at what he had caused.

    Slaughter took his time killing Penelope slowly at first, but then a pesky Zara came to help, her healing powers getting in the way. Slaughter merely reversed her powers, so instead of healing, Zara used all her powers as necrotic powers, and would up decaying both her and Penelope into nothing.

    In a grand finale, the man cornered Nora, and flipped a switch into the warmongering girl's mind. Nora went on a rampage, straight for Bella Lunam of all gods. It was then, while eight months pregnant, Bella proved to all who doubted she was indeed a War Goddess and a queen not meant to be trifled with. Bella easily beat the girl into a bloody pulp for the insult, and her hormonal rage even killed her and put her head on a pike like an archaic sign of victory. Unfortunately, the stress put Bella into a four week early labor, probably much to Hades' demise, as not he had a cranky, pissy, hormonal war goddess who would probably kill anyone who so much as breathed wrong around her.

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