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    Post  wolfHhowling on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:06 pm

    Sanction 48 Howl Permit is in effect
    allowing the following: Players in Howl Pictures Presents " Gods" or Hppg, as it may be referred to, are allowed to play Gods. Going against the Race bio sheet for " Gods" in direct ordnance that only Moderation can play them, further more, guidelines for the race GODS, and the race DEMIGODs, presented in the information below is only in effect for THIS rp. Failure to comply to this Guide lines results in removal of the unlawful party. Humans do not fall under this Sanction 48 howl Permit, and thus will be followed according to the Race's bios.


    Earth has all ways have gods, they have mingled with humans, and some times even young full blood gods need direction. A god or demigod, comes into there powers and there pit falls, in there 13th year.

    So the gods all devised a School yes boarding school, that also doesn't let out for summer, for all these adolescent hormone riddled teens.

    Called the asylum by some, called the " never ending camp " by others, it is really called

    Hades's Plutonian shore Academy and boarding school for the overly gifted.
    Here at Hades's Plutonian Shore Academy, also known as HPSA, the school motto is " give him hell " and the foot ball team is known as the " Dante's inferno's" yes we do have a sense of humor.
    Rules for the 500 acher school grounds are the fallowing.

    1, do not go swimming after dark in the lake.
    2. Lights out is not mandatory. Its really a mild suggestion.
    3, after curfew, if your caught out of your dorm you better be up to no good.
    4. Don't remind Hades he's stuck with you. You don't want to be expelled, you go straight to the pit of tartarus till your 110.
    5. Feeding the three headed dog after midnight, is a no no.
    6. All dorms, this includes, tents, shacks, cottages, odd buildings, and even towers, must be clean and tidy, unless its the barn.
    7. The school consists of a Castle, don't make a hogwarts reference, thats punishable by death.
    8 your imortal you can't die, but yes it hurts like hell.
    9. Simply don't piss off hades and you don't burn
    10. THe academy is required to take all walks of life, but not required to put up with your shortcomings, rise above or learn how to survive in the pit of tartarus your choice.

    Fill out this.... and your off to have fun I would assume, please keep the relationship ratios even. Those Characters that you want relationships for, you need to go to the page title " the who's who of Okcupid" page located here, and get your guy or gall paired up. Remember no claiming, and no signing up characters for other peoples characters with out permission to do so first.

    Godly power:

    How to fill out

    Name: this shouldn't be hard, you can make up last names
    Godly power: What yoru godly thingy can do
    Gender: MALE OR FEMALE
    Race: God or demigod
    Age: ThE AGE
    Personality: gee how your character is
    other: any little tidbit you'd like to add.

    For anyone asking Min. Characters is 2. Max. Characters is infinity and beyond.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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