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    Rule book of oddities


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    Rule book of oddities

    Post  wolfHhowling on Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:40 pm

    All right so naturally this isn't going to function as a normal DND game, and yes the weird things are extra weird.

    As I plan on having more then one campaign, and playing this more than a few times, I plan on just have " General " character page, inc squeak. The Rules, the classes, what the dice mean, will remain the same. Same with items and such and blah blah, just different story lines and of course monsters, paths whats nots idiocies blah blah.

    You can have as many characters as you wish. I suggest one if your not wanting to roll Dice multiple times for each of your characters.

    If you have more then one, The first dice roll of a specific dice, will co inside for the first character listed.

    more on dice later.....


    They can be any of the 200 Races listed in Races.

    There roles however can only be the fallowing.

    Knight/berserker Necromancer/cleric/healer Rogue/thief Nobel/hero Occultis/divine holly wackadoodle, or The class of, Character has no idea why he or she is here. Will also work.

    Naturally They may use " Powers " But you may only pick Four moves for every character, that are considered " no dice " movies, meaning they are 100% effective all the time. These powers or abilities, must be listed on character sheet, and are the only ones they can use so choose wisely.

    Slash ( low attack would cause minor injury)
    Defend ( minor shield move would stop say Slash)
    Minor Heal ( heals say wounds or deseases caused by Desease, or Slash)
    Disease ( minor such as the common cold, strep, or the flue)
    Port ( teleportation to a distance ten feet in front )
    Pack Mule ( Infinite carry slots ( all other players will have like 6))

    Things you come up with will need a dice roll.

    From this list you can choose Two things that your character all ready knows as you can learn and pick up things during your travels.

    Random spell. ( Roll Random Dice, and action dice, random dice chooses what you cast, and action dice chooses how strong it is )

    Sword of Hero's ( a power up move for slash, roll action dice)

    Necromancers Kiss ( Random dice, and action dice, Random dice determines how many zombies will this summon, and action determines how long those zombies have till they turn to dust)

    Curse of the Occult ( Action dice and random dice this one's a cheeky surprise)

    Empower! ( random dice determines if you Empower your enemies move, or you or your team mates)


    Things you come up with will just flipping end up having to roll a dice, will help with anyone not knowing what to roll.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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