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    like lovers do— the birth of love

    Arkham Outlaw

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    like lovers do— the birth of love

    Post  Arkham Outlaw on Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:59 pm

    I see you watching me
    Eyes on your target
    It's already started
    It won't be too long before me and you
    Are doing what lovers do
    Aphrodite is there from the very beginning right to their very end. She is there at their birth, in the wails and cries of a newborn torn from the comfort of the mother's womb into the cruel and unforgiving world, born through the act of love through man and woman. She is there in their last breathes, whether it be disease, or war, or time, or hunger, she is there in the breaking hearts of the loved ones they leave before. She is devote to the souls in the world through birth onto death. In life and love, each creature is loved by Aphrodite.

    Oh, either way we lose
    Just like lovers, just like lovers do
    She is unique. She was born out of the union of sky and sea, child of Ouranos and Thalassa. Risen from the severed loins of the once king and ruler over all, she alone can boast of her blood that is pure and ancient even if her soul is young. Brought into this savage heartless word as an embodiment of the most primal of emotions, the love that is madness, one that makes men of gods and gods of men. Aphrodite brought this upon them, and they forever would envy her for it.. for her existence, the recklessness that her domain invokes in all. Aphrodite is born young, yet she is born beauty. She rose from the ocean's embrace and it is her bosom along that might summon instant desire of the gods, even as her sister goddesses look on to her in bitter envy.. It is a crippling weight to bear, such a pain for young shoulders, be a child and yet in the form of a woman. She learns early. Feels the sting of innocence breaking, the gasps of a lover's release, the ache of knowing that she is to be possessed.

    It made have left others closed off. Cold. Unfeeling. Heartless. Aphrodite, it opened her. Warmed her heart, made her feel as every being in this long-suffering creation did. It made her.. human, in mind and soul, in a way that no other divine would ever hope to become. How could it leave her open, some might wonder. How could she be so fall victim to lust when her earliest memory is weeping in the beds of gods. As a young goddess from the moment of her birth, she was made to be owned. It tore into her own heart, broke her spirit, she was always such a sensitive soul. And yet when they came for her, she smiled and gasped, winked and batted her eye long lashes. Every ravishment was a dagger to her heart, a crack in her soul but she did not protest. She had come to understand that so long as she held beauty in body, it mattered not how much was broken in soul.

    That's how it goes
    So take care like a grown-up
    Life's not a fairytale, it's hard to own up
    They often call her. There is a reason for souls in love to reach out to love herself for comfort. Sometimes they are stubborn, they did not whisper her name or ask for her help.. Aphrodite goes nonetheless, she never fails to heed their cries, to take them into her arms and soothe their pain. Their suffering is call enough for her, the beacon of a bleeding heart is never one she can ignore.

    She materialized in his garden, unseen by mortal eyes. The young man sits on in a meadow, his figure bent over. Head cradled in his hands. Hands.. warm, soft hands she knew so well. The sound of his ugly sobs draws her out of her reverie, brings her closer to him. She stops from her spot against the tree until she is standing right beside him. She can feel his pain, taste the impact her union had left on him, feel the way it eats at him, threatening to swallow him whole. He tries to reach, that same madness brimming in his soft blue eyes. Aphrodite cracks a little as she takes the blade from his hands. Her lip wobbles, a sob threatening to slip out. "Shh... all will be well," she lies, her words far greater comfort when they are followed by her hands. She reaches out to hold him, gentle and cautious fingers brushing against his hair. Aphrodite knew it was wrong, one with ichor within her veins.. her love was a curse to him, her dearest prince. She wrapped the arms of love around his weary back. "Do not leave me..." she says, a plea she knows he cannot heed. "I am sorry, my love, I am sorry for loving you." Aphrodite holds Adonis as he weeps. She holds him while his lifeblood drains away, while his face slackens and he goes limp in her arms. Her eyes do not stay on him, instead they fall onto the grass where bright red anemones grew, life born out of his death because of her. Because of what she invoked, because of the eternity she could not give.

    Suddenly it is Aphrodite who is weeping, her cheeks red with his blood as she cries against the same chest she was held against, as she begs the heart she so adores to beat once more, the soul to return so that she might cherish it's light. The emotion only as raw, as pure and as perfect as only she, Love herself was capable. Those destined to preside over death did not fight for his soul; no. It seemed both agreed in unison that enough she had been suffered, enough agony endured. When his soul is claimed, Aphrodite is enveloped in Death's peaceful arms as well, a brief shelter from the suffering brought on through her existence. There is no time for tears, no rest for love as not a week later she is wed to the God of Forge and Fire. Her heart is in shreds, part in the Underworld with her prince, another piece lost the moment a god pinned her beneath, but her body and spirit remain whole, pure as only she could possibly be. The gods are not graced with tears anymore but.. it is fine, it is alright. She is bloodlust without the blood; just lust alone in a woman's form.. and part of her is worth more to them than none at all.

    I see you watching me
    Eyes on your target
    It's already started
    Let's roll the dice and we'll both make our moves
    Playing like lovers do

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