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Addvertising rules


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Addvertising rules

Post  wolfHhowling on Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:14 am

Hello, we would like you to be able to advertise your site here, or youtube channel. keep in mind, that staff might have already put in a plug for you. If this is the case, please refrain from posting another, if you find your staff created advert isn't to your liking. Please let us know.

Rules for posting here are as follows.

1. There may not be the content pertaining to, Sex, drugs, alcohol, chainmail, abusive, hate propaganda, slander, religion, politics, or Peta related topics.

2. All pictures must be 300 by 300 pixels or less, this it make everything fit nice and neat in the forum.

3. While we do not frown on site owners putting down adverts, we would prefer members to post the adverts for you. That way there is possible " Member" trade off. However if an owner of a site does post the advert, that is fine provided they do not ignore our rule set on how to post a advert correctly.

4. The advert must consists of a short, text based advert, as well as your normal. This is so we can pick our favorite adverts, and I can run them in my signature for a day or two. This means that a large number of people from day to day shuffle, will see said advert, even if they are just reading our rules..

5. You must provide a working link. If we fallow the link, and we get an Error message, the add will be deleted, if your board, is dead or inactive, in any way, it will be deleted. This exempt newly created and low member count provided owner or staff is active.

6. Grounds for removal, your pick isn't 300 by 300 or less, you didn't include an advert that is signature friendly, you didn't include working links, your site is basically dead, your site no longer properly reflects said advert, your site contains anything listed in rule 1, you removed our advert, we do not get traffic from your site, and we took down our advert, or you have broken any of these ten rules in anyway.

7. Youtube channels, please put in a blurb for us, a link in the description is fine. you must include the link to your youtube channel.

8.. Pet sites. You must be a free to use pet site, you can not be a " pay to access" Pet site, and you can not be a pet site that requires payment to advance. Sites like Khimeros' is fine for instance.

9. If Add wars happens, when people on your site, and you yourself find yourself trying to top each other. That's fine, you have just forced us to hold a competition for you let the best add win, but if all are the same, or not up to par, were deleting all of them.

10. we clean out old adverts, please keep your advert up to date and we won't delete you. timeless adverts are a thing.

Fallow these, and I guess no one gets butt hurt. but further thing to discuss for you.

Products, if we do not agree with the product you are trying to advocate, we will simply delete it. Advertising for your favorite gun store, is fine, provided, you do not post " sales" talk about " shooting" and stick with terms " Self Defense" and " Hunting " when describing. The link must be to a reputable sales clerk, that has all there credentials.

People with Etsy, Ebay, inc, are allowed to post individual products, but if we find they are not in stock, they will be removed, you have about a week to restock your shop. If we find your orders are not being filled in a timely manner we will ban all adds for your shop.

Furry websites must be kid friendly.

just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

and now you know

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