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    INformation/ Permit


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    INformation/ Permit

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:30 pm

    First of all the permit for this Rp.

    Sanction 48 Howl Permit is in effect
    allowing the following: Players in Howl Pictures Presents " Gods" or Hppg, as it may be referred to, are allowed to play Gods. Going against the Race bio sheet for " Gods" in direct ordnance that only Moderation can play them, further more, guidelines for the race GODS, and the race DEMIGODs, presented in the information below is only in effect for THIS rp. Failure to comply to this Guide lines results in removal of the unlawful party. Humans do not fall under this Sanction 48 howl Permit, and thus will be followed according to the Race's bios.

    The races played in this Rp will be Gods, Demigods, and Humans.

    Humans will not be played as " permanent" or " non background characters in this rp "

    You may play any made up god provided its first approved by wolf H. Howling, or another staff member. ANY God from any existing Mythos is a go, provided its not the god of tities and wine from game of thrones, and you actually have a place to refer too.
    You do not have to follow the Mytho's completely, and I might tell you not to follow it at all. due to some reasons.

    you may not play any existing demigod from book movie or actual mythos, similarities are fine, but you'll get booted for any percy jacksons. you may only, have demigods who's other linage is human, no other race will be permitted.

    You may not play characters that are related to anyone else's characters with out the owners permission first

    you may not god mod, thats staff's job.

    You may not mini mod thats staffs job

    you may not in a billion trillion years, sing up less then two characters
    please don't sign up nothing but gods.

    Please do not play your character like you see him or her portrayed in the movies, books or mythos, no one wants an annoyingly stupid Thor, nor a thor, who acts like he is an all mighty god... no do we want a thor who's all mightier then though, we do like to see you go out of the box, and have thor have to have his morning coffee, goes to see anger management classes, or likes poker... THINK OUT OF THE DAMN MYTH BOX.

    in addition to these rules, rules will be posted IN the actual Sign up sheet, for the camp, and rp set up... Please fallow those as RULES

    do not argue with mods, do not argue with staff, do not disrespect, argue or piss me radar or dark off, I will bury you in a snow drift and you'll never be seen or herd of again till spring.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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