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    Sexy Rules/info


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    Sexy Rules/info

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:56 pm

    So if you read the dino section of the " breeds bio's list" its located right under it actually, then your not completely lost.

    The rp is set in a world, that didn't quite go through the stages we went though. There lack of chickens is quite depressing. They have turkeys but turkey soup just sin't the same no?

    So, you can't use any dino, or creature not located in that section I was talking about. More dino's can be added to that list, and even more animals from the mirror world might be added, I am told they recently discovered some cool new critters in the beyond. Were going to Rp a while till we get to that, but I heard one of the critters might have long fangs. Razz

    All right, now we must follow the rules of the site, and this section you must follow all instances of the breed sheet, I am sorry but this is how the world works.

    The races you will be using for this Rp , are Humans.
    I decided that there can be an additional race added, but humans sounds to be the best fit with this, as well..... come one were all ready in fantasy land with all those dinos.

    Now on to more pressing matters.

    Dino Dave, or Dave, who will be a character in this Rp, Will lead most if not all the " expiditions " into the " Dangerzone " and " the beyond"

    IN the event that there are more characters then I care to want to bother with, and or new people entering the Rp, then I will be introducing more " experts"

    All Experts you might see and or here about in the Rp are played by me, and will be going by these names and " nick names"

    Dino Dave, Dave WhiteField
    Flex , Felix Hendrixs
    Sassy, Milly Matters
    Lilly of the Beyond, Beyonder, Death lilly, Lilly Morbid
    The count. vladimir Vane Victer the third

    Please do not add " myth ", "lore", " legends" or " history" to these characters with out first adressing it with myself.

    Two other characters Conner and Zach will be mentioned, but they will not be played. Unless some one begs for a celebrity appearance.

    Howl Windrider, Might also be in this Rp you do not know yet do you.

    Ok now the safe zone, is up on a plateau, ware most of humanity reside.
    Money currency is done in Us monetary values only.
    and Permits and Licends are issued, to keep Players from ticking me off.

    You need a Hiking permit, to travel into the border, with a Stun gun Permit, and must be carrying one.

    You must get a " Expedition permit " to go on expeditions, Dino Dave who's ranch is right up against, the boarder in the danger zone, is legit the only place you can GET any permit for the Danger Zone

    To live or operate a ranch in the danger zone you need a " Danger Zone Resident License"

    Furthermore, if you have a " hiking" and " stun gun license" this doesn't give you the right to " hunt. trap, or tame dinos" only an expedition permit can. They are issued in four types, the good for 1 expedition trip. Good for a year, Good for two years, good for four.

    Only residents can get a four year permit. As they live in the danger zone.

    You can not live in the " Great beyond" its simply not possible, Later on, there might be " out post permits" for the beyond but only if your all on your best behavior."

    Though your character will half to in RP, apply for " residency" and " expedition " permits.

    Your character must " have " and state to have " stun gun ", " the stun gun permit" and " a hiking permit" that can be issued at any post office. ( aka admin or mod) apon sing up or if we want to have a little fun... you will need to find Dino Dave in the town and have him issue a Hiking permit, and stun gun permit, as well as sell you a stun gun. Which will happen from time to time XD

    Can't have the town completely empty and he's got to have some people to inter act with.

    If you have any questions, please ask them in the discord chat in the general topic thanks.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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