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    The master List of Dino's ( part 1)


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    The master List of Dino's ( part 1)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sat Dec 16, 2017 7:19 pm

    Hello, as you know I am howl, and you would have been quite lost by now if you hadn't read the into. Now your howl, which I will call Mirror howl, but I guess you will be referring to me as Howl 2. Whatever the case you did read the intro, now this Rp you wish to set up, I doubt you would want to use false information in your pursuit of a fictional Rp.  Thus I will be composing this list of dino's that we know about. I might return to add more, and that is why this is Part 1 of the master list.

    Now, I gathered from your howl, that this rp is going to be like, and I decided on a format I think would work best. I will provide you a legend so that you won't be confused as to what is what. Kinda like a sign up sheet for dinos. I took the idea from this, worlds, ah Rp site. Though your Howl has told me your not the only one. All dino's will be going by this format.

    Size Specs:

    as you can see its rather straightforward. now lets start.

    Note: all species of flyers can be called " birds" or " bird" and that would be correct.

    Flying Dinos:

    Species: Featherdon ( Feather Don)

    Type: Flyer

    Food: Fish, small creatures,fresh carrion, eggs, and in some cases berries or nuts.
    Size Specs: Large enough for Two fully grown people to Ride, the size of one of your small planes. That seat two, but a dino. They do not eat Fluffdons but like everyone else will eat their eggs.

    USE:  They are used to fly long distances, and fly cargo, weighting up to three TONES

    Description: They are large birds, with a long beak, that has two long teeth like fangs or spikes inside the mouth, this is to spear prey, they have leathery wings, and short tails. They have a thumb on the wing, much like your bats, and have a feather crest like a cockatoo, they have feathers on the head, body, and along the wing arm, down part of there legs. The females are all ways brown, males are every jewel tone known to man. They have powerful feet and long claws perfect for picking things up, and can fly mass weights due to there extremely large wing span.

    Behavior: They build nests using bleached bones, roost in rookeries, are social, and can not eat humans, they are tamed by stroking under the chin, and are very trusting. They are loyal to a fault, and bred and wild tamed ones, if released will become so depressed they will starve to death. They leg eggs, large ones, about the size of a average sized five year old. Normally brown and speckled.

    Region: All of the Danger Zone, and Rumored all of the Great beyond on the other side of the great stone wall.

    Species: Fluffdon ( Fluff Don )

    Type: Flyer

    Food: Seeds, fruits, meats, pretty much they will eat anything ( much like your chickens)

    Size Specs: Small and the size of your Chickens.

    use: they are kept as pets and as farm animals for eggs.

    Description: They look exactly like your silky Chickens, but instead of a beak, possess a rex like mouth with tiny teeth. Though you only see the tip of there nose thanks to all those feathers. Females are normally a solid color, while males are every color under the sun thrown together. With two long curled butt feathers.

    Behavior: This link tells you of all colors your chickens can lay and its surprisingly true for all fluffdons!
    I am pleased to also report, that Fluffdon's are easy to tame hard to catch. They act like chickens, but roost on cliffs, they can decided just how many eggs are fertile and how many aren't, fluffdon babies are called " puffs" and look like tiny puff balls. If a puff hatches around humans they are all ready tame, if you are seen by an adult to be nice to a puff they will accept you. And then you can keep them as a pet. If you smell like one, or simply feed them cooked fish! People around the world eat their non fertile eggs! Eggs hatch in exactly 7 days! You can see if it is fertil just hours after being laid, and the color, of the fluff don's feet is the color egg they lay!
    Did I mentioned they can lay up to 18 eggs in a single day, and produce eggs for 20+ years!

    Region: They only inhabit the Dangerzone. In all regions of it.

    Species: Zingers

    Type: Flyer

    Food: Bird seed

    Size Specs: They no smaller then 3 inches tall and will never go past a foot tall, making them the smallest flyer.

    Use: Kept as pets. Also used as messenger birds.

    Description: They are very pretty ranging in many colors, and females are the same, so it is hard to sex them correctly. They have a beak, that hooks on the end, long thin claws, that are sharp but not sharp enough to cause much if any damage.

    Behavior: They build heart shaped nests, both male and female sing wonderfully, are friendly creatures, are easily tamed by slowly gaining there trust using food, once they have been caught using a net. They can fly great distances, are not afraid of anything, and have been known, to simply perch on the scariest of things. Like it was nothing. They will fly great and mighty distances to find there owners, and being highly intelligent know when they have a knew master, and will switch loyalties to that new person. They are so smart that they know when they are being stolen.

    Region: Two miles from the great wall in the dangerzone, and all over the great beyond.
    Side note:
    However, people theorize that there might be many subspecies of Zingers, and that they all can interbreed without any harm, as they do so in the wild. But this is a theory.

    Carnivores (non flying) :

    Species:Rexladon ( Rex La Don)

    Type: Rex

    Food: Meat, cooked, raw, partly frozen, they will eat meat of any kind. Wild Rexladon's will even try to eat you. So be careful out there kiddies.

    Use: Rexladon's are good for a great many things, such as defense, hunting as bullets weren't honestly invented, why shoot something when you have a rexladon... Also, Rexladon's make horrible bumpy rides, but are ridable, they can pull very little, but its doable, really are great and affectionate once collared.

    Size Specs: Males get about 17 to 18 feet while females get to be 20 feet, no rexladon is taller then 20 feet and while males are smaller some males tend to grow bigger then that.

    Description: They look almost like your world T Rex, and are honestly related, however, Rexladon has twice as long of teeth, a curled clawed toe, and armour like plates running up and down there sides. they also sport, two ridges above there eye sockets that make them look like a mean pit viper. The boys are constantly wearing what any one would agree its gunmetal green. Females have pretty colors that make interesting patterns on there back and shoulders. Males have one colorful thing on them and that is there tail feather, its solid, and they loos it after 6 months, and regrow another, it takes about two months for another. The feather is all ways the same color. Color's ranges from jewel tones to odd shades of yuk.

    Behavior:they are rather hard to tranque requiring to be shot in an area with out a plate. They then need to be collared once so they are rather cute and adorable puppy like creatures, who will do as told, they can mimic up to 46 sounds and possibly more, including other dino's calls, and even cell phone beeps and stuff.

    Region: They are only found in the south western part of the Danger Zone, and up to the wall, other area's of the dangerzone have other meateaters with different ranges most of these meat eaters do not meat up, due to the fact, that different canyons, valleys and rocks form natural " jurisdictions" or territories between species of carnivore.

    Species: Grimladon  ( grim la don)

    Type: Four legged  ( dimetrodon type)  

    Food: Meat meat meat meat do you know what a carnivore means?

    Use: They, are really good,  at, blocking road ways, picking and moving large rocks, and moving fallen trees. They are good at digging. your world uses machines for construction called a bulldozer, we just use these guys. They also are good at trapping small animals you call an exterminator for. some have been trained to lick stamps and envelopes, as well as guard banks.

    Size Specs: Males and female both can get any ware between 18 to 20 feet long. from ground to shoulder, is about 5 feet, and sport a sail that is at its peak 12 feet.

    Description: Large boxy headed animal, that has four powerful legs, equipped with long claws, they walk much like a komodo dragon because of this. They have a large sail fin that comes from the base of there neck, down to the tip of there long tail. Teeth that are any wares between 3 to four feet long, and farm a tooth like smiling wall, that interlocks, however they can close there mouth correctly provided they relax there jaw. They are normally brown, dark grey, white, or green in color, and sport spots or stripes, depending. They can have blue or red markings but only in the mating season and normally only males sport those colors.

    Behavior: Like all dino's they lay eggs, they are laid in a pit, and covered over, when they hatch, they help the babies dig out, and both parents will carry there young in there jaws. Making them the only dino with exceptional jaw control. They can ironically be tamed just like a pet gecko. As your too big for them to eat, and not even on the menu. which is nice. They are the only meat eating dino, that doesn't need to be collared.

    Region: They are found along the great wall.

    Species:Thorlasaurus ( thor la saurus) { ThorLasarus Rex}

    Type: Rex

    Food: Meat, meat, lots and lots of meat..... oh with a side of meat.

    Use: Everything a Rexladon can do they can do bigger... not better but much bigger.

    Size Specs:  Males can be from 18 feet to 20 the females cap at 30 to 35 feet tall.  

    Description: They are pretty much Rexladon's but much much bigger, angerier, and very very armored, having large ridged, plates that run down the length of there spine, as well as a horn on the end of there nose, making them look much diffrent from a Rexladon.  

    Behavior: They are the same as rexladon, but massive, and meaner.  They get there name from the sound they make when they walk, or chew there food. As it sounds like thunder when they run, and it as if lighting strikes when they snap bone. They are far, more deadly then anything out there as of yet. YOU NEED 2 tame collars 2!

    Region: The great beyond.

    Species: Fuzzy Raptor ( Fuzzious Raptorious.)

    Type: Raptor

    Food: Meat..... tamed mostly hotdogs. My earth's people do not eat hotdogs, that is Fuzzy Raptor food. Though your howl has informed me, that my worlds hotdogs are quite the best he's ever eaten. He does know what makes up hotdogs, right his world and my world make them the same way. Seriously he does know what goes into them RIGHT?

    Use: Riding, they are good sprinters, able to keep up, agile and nimble, so they are raced, used as riding animals, and are trained much like your " shepard" dogs.

    Size Specs: Tallest ever recorded was 6 feet tall, and 9 feet from nose to tail.

    Description: a Raptor, with a feather crest, bird like attitude, and sharp pointy teeth. They have all kinds of colors, markings, and some have in addition to feathers some armor like plating that has been bred into them over the years.

    Behavior: Much like an average chicken from your world, devouring rodents, the hotdogs.... and small yappy dogs.  They do this by hunting in packs, and they really like hunting, tracking, and are very smart. They do need collared, though bred ones, do not need to be collared till they reach exactly half their species average adult height.

    Region: There isn't a section of my Earth that doesn't have these fuzzy little ( B***ard) .

    The humble Herbivore. :

    Species: Blade

    Type: four legged, spike tail

    Food: Mostly grass oats, mushrooms, what ever they aren't picky eaters. They eat a lot of egg shells.

    Use: Large armored transport, use for hauling large trailers/mobile home like contraptions. Defense, and farming.

    Size Specs:  It is a large quadruped animal, with a small head, and short body standing just four feet from ground to shoulder. However they have a row of spikes from the shoulders to there tail. The tallest of these spikes, Is 6 feet tall. They are all connected by a thick armored plates forming a solid wall, on either side of the animal. They have 6, 2 foot long Spikes three on each side, that it uses as a Spiked club. It has 6 inch spikes on its shoulders, and hips, as well as large plating. As they are the descendants of your worlds Stegosaurus,  on either side in the inside of there spine walls, you can see two rows of Stegosaurus plates running along side the spines, but they only stand about a foot tall in the center. Them still having this row of plates on either side is quite useful. Every part of a blade is really strong, and hard.

    Description: ( see size and specs for full detail) They can range from greens to browns, and have blue or red markings. Males tend to have red to a orange all most fire like pattern on the plated skin connecting the spikes on there back. Females have blue in there bodies.

    Behavior: Blades are strong animals, they curl there bodies around ther young, and angle there row of spines in the direction of trouble, the tail curled around the intended protectee  if a creature should get to the other side of them they would let loos there tail, causing it to whip out quickly. A blade is able to make a whip like sound with its tail despite having spikes on it. They have been known to use there entire body to slam a victim against a rock face, or worse, despite there size they are rather flexible and very dangerous. Various methods are employed to tame them, but I warn they are one of the few herbivores that need a tame collar as they can be quite skittish and aggressive when skittish.

    Region:  There isn't a place on earth with out them.

    Species: Runner

    Type: two legged duckbill of sorts

    Food: Mostly Aquatic plants, long grasses, and fruits, very rarely leaves from trees.

    Use:They are used mostly to shake fruits or nuts off a tree, for hauling, and people do ride them. They are fast, and can swim rather well, they have all most a sixth sense when it comes to evading predators. So they are used as scouts as well as " pound " maintenance.

    Size Specs: They are no taller then 6 feet tall, and do not vary in size between male and female

    Description: They are a large  sometimes bipedal duckbill'ed dino, the females having a long horn like structure, resembling that like a trumpet curving from the front of its head and towards the back. The females have a single spine from there tails. Males on the other hand, lack the head structure, but do sport a set of fangs, more spikes on there tail, and a frill around there neck. Both male and females are  black, brown, white, and green, and all variations in between. However males will sport red and even purble on there frills when extended.

    Behavior: They move primarly as a heard, do not mind nor really want to obey humans, but can be easily tamed by a tame collar, they only need to wear one for a week, during training, they are smart, and will pull all most as much as a blade. They normally walk on all fours, but can rise and walk on there strong hind legs, which they do when danger is a foot. The powerful legs can make them run large distances.
    Females are called Glades, ware males are called Hydes.

    Region: swampy areas around the wall.

    Species: Featherbip ( feather bip)

    Type: Flightless bird

    Food: Will eat you out of every veggie blade of grass and even the wood siding off your home.

    Use: Were still trying to figure it out past putting there molted feathers in pillows, and riding them like idiots in rodeos.

    Size Specs: They are the size of your Ostriches we do not have Ostriches Except our featherdips might be a bit bigger...

    Description:Tall beings with bipadel bodies, flightless of course, but its a featherbed. They are covered in exotic looking plumage much like your Peacock, you know its easier to say its a long necked dino that walks on two legs, that is an elegant Hybrid of a Ostrich and a Peacock. It has a quite small head, males of course have the peacock like tail, and no they can actually winter just fine.

    Behavior: Featherbips, are like peacocks, exactly like Peacocks, but cuddly like puppy dogs, and as big as ostriges, its that fantasy pet, besides a unicorn, that your kids have been begging you to get them for Christmas, the poor children of your world, my Earth every child man and weird homeless man has a Featherbip. Its like a right of passage or something. Your not human till you have a featherbip.

    Region: South of the Hong Kong Valley, located before the wall in the danger zone, and in the great beyond in Peace gorge.

    Species: Slinkyosaur  ( Slinky O saur )

    Type: Limbless skaled land dweller (snake)

    Food: Fruits, veggies, leaves......... were not sure why it has fangs.....

    Use: It produces a non lethal venom. No matter the dose it simply won't kill a bloody thing. It takes the place of monsters under the bed, used to baby sit children, all schools have one. and it Enjoys being used as a slide, or being used as the equivalent of a school buss or a buss in general.  It will be more then happy to spit its venom in a cup for you... and its very protective of whoever cuddles and pets it, and plays with it. So it makes a REALLY good Security guard.

    Size Specs: from nose to tail about 50 feet long.

    Description: Picture any of your reath snakes, make it 50 feet long, and make it harmless. Pretty much it, they come in all colors, patterns, and some even have little feathers, some have a tiny horn on there nose, and some have no teeth at all, and just spit there non deadly venom on everyone. lol

    Behavior: They are like cats, if they weren't little assholes. Really sweet and cuddly creatures, loving and smart. They really are just the cutest little snaky wakys... oddly they are the most easiest things on this planet to tame. You just hold out your hands, with a carrot, and there yours. That simple, feed a Slinkyosaur and you will have one till they day you die.

    Region: The Chess piece ridge in the danger zone, and possibly the Major east river of the great beyond.

    Species: Purple throated Nomodon ( purple throated Nom o don)

    Type:Odd tiny Raptor like thing.

    Food: Mostly Flowers, bird seed, and carrots. Grass as well.

    Use: Pet.... seriously just being a cute fluffy pet. Oh and running ground mail its so cute.

    Size Specs:  If they are a foot tall you'll eat your socks.. well howl's they are quite foul.

    Description: They look like any scary movie about dino's raptors you've seen, your world's howl has show me Jurassic Park and I must say, those are exactly these little guys, except they eat vegitables, are covered in very small soft feathers, and can lift about a pound or two, really smart, they deliver small packages and letters, quickly and because they are cute.

    Behavior: When they spot a being such as ourselves, they can't help but fallow.. if you feed it it won't go away..... and thus you have one of these guys, as all dino's build nests and lay eggs, these guys lay eggs in your shoes, in your shirt pockets, and some times in gutters. There adorable so it makes up for a lot of it.

    Region: Every darn place on planet earth.

    Species: Alamoladon ( alamo la don)

    Type: A long necked small dino.

    Food: eats grass, hey, really we have no idea how this creature even exists for its lack of dietary nutrition we have to supplement its diet with vites. Wild ones are all ways anemic.

    Use: Search and rescue, these little guys will even find your darn keys.

    Size Specs:  about 4 feet, but thats only because there neck and tail make up most of that. Tiny heads.

    Description: A very small long neck dino, that is very short, they are quick, and have there nostrils at the top of there head, as they do like swimming. They are however really small considering. They come in all kinds of odd colors, and look exactly like any brachiosaurus you guys have been digging up, but pint sized. However they can smell much like a dog would. Using a special set of tiny nostrils ware his nose should be!

    Behavior:Likes taking naps, relentlussley will not stop till they find what or who they are looking for, and oddly enough are so easy to tame it just involves giving them a cookie.

    Region: The One mile Boarder between the safe zone ware people live, and the danger zone.

    Species: Volcanosaur ( volcano saur )

    Type: Three horned beast

    Food: Grass, berries, odd apples, really a cow. Sort of.

    Use: Hauling, and tree removal.

    Size Specs:  Half the size of a blade. large enough for a person to ride. Rather sweet.

    Description: It is a large dino by by far not  the largest, slow moving but it gets ware its going. It has a huge bony frill, and three horns on on its nose, and two large ones that stick out from its skull. the frill is around its neck. They are normally sandy colors, but often can take on a jungle like green or a off color of icky blue. It depends.

    Behavior: They are herd animals, and rather good at trampling things, tree removal is a good particle thing for these, or leisure riding.

    Region:  The one mile mark between the Danger Zone and the safe zone. They are really docile and tame horrifically easy like a horse you people have that a human raised but these are wild.

    Species:Vampeerladon ( vamp eer la don)

    Type: Long neck (large)

    Food:anything and everything veggie. will also eat eggs. oddly enough.

    Use: Looking out over vast distances, scouting, and they are acceptionally good at with standing storms, believe it or not.

    Size Specs: They are large being 50 feet high from front leg to top fo there head,

    Description: They are gentle giants long necks, with vampire like fangs, pale to all most ashen of skin tone, and red eyes this stems from the fact they all carry some level of degree of albinism.

    Behavior: Really they lumber around, act like anything would, they are passive, and easy to tame, once they figure you are not going to hurt them, they are the largest living creature that has been discovered to exist as of yet.

    Region: They live in the vally of shadow, right before the drop of the cassum in the Beyond.

    Omnivorous :

    Species: Bastiddon ( blast it Don )

    Type: Flightless Terror bird thingy

    Food: Anything and everything and anyone... Plants animals, it don't care its gonna eat it.

    Use: There really isn't one, they can haul, you can ride them, they need a collar, they are large, and are the fastest living dino... to ever live.

    Size Specs: 10 feet tall....

    Description: A bird with a large beak, feathers of red or white plumage, with red yellow and black strips down there beaks, clawed toes, and a reptillain like tail it uses as a whip. They make horrifica calling sounds, which theymake using the long and curved peak they posses.

    Behavior: Ever watch the movie jaws? Its not safe to walk on land now kiddies. Tamed they act like little adorable murder balls, and enjoy cuddles.... its best to keep these collared at all times, and infact they are the only dino, in which they produced a collaring system ment from new born hatchlings on up to adults that do not involved a seconds time with out a collar on its neck at all times.

    Region: Death Valley, Crimson creek park, the horror plains, and yes these are in the great beyond. That place ware you are suicidal if you go, or a trained professional with a slight death wish and a thrill seeking streek.

    Species: Crazemasaur ( craze ma saur )

    Type: Descendant of your worlds Spinosaurus.

    Food: Fish, meat, plants, what ever it can eat... it will eat it.

    Use: They are quick in the water... all most reptilian when swimming, and they are also great at telling time, your watch dies, they make great sundials, just point there nose north. They also are pretty good at fighting and defending and cheap to feed.

    Size Specs: 20 to 30 feet big

    Description: They can change colors, at will. Depending on there mood, happy ones are normally a nice green, blue and sport nice patterns, or black, when Angered they turn a very odd red and white, coloration, and when spooked they go completely grey. Make alike a rock is literally what they will do. They have a large Sail on there back, and look all most exactly like one of your spinosaurus but they have a small horn protruding from there nose, and little spikes on there tail fallowing the end of there sail.

    Behavior: They ironically do not consider humans as food, or most dino's they prefer to scavenge, They mostly eat fish or plant matter, and will gladly snack on eggs, as carcuses are far and few between, they will however kill sick dino's that come to close to there water ways. They ironically don't need to collared but regulations at least want you to put a blade type 2 collar on them to curb aggression.

    Region: Every water way known to man and then some. Enjoy your nightmares.

    Note: PENHD would like you to believe that these animals are Vegans, when in fact they are just like you and I OMNIVORES which you need everything in moderation. Infact These two dino's if they do not consume meat, will become sterile, and unable to breed, and in hatchlings will cause horrific problems, not to mention these animals forced to have a vegan diet, slowly die... and do not live as long as they should.
    But you can't educate The PENHD. Which from my research is a lot like your ill informed Peta in a lot of regards... guess every world has to have idiots.

    Aquatic :

    Species: Darkydon ( darky don)

    Type: Shark of both land and sea.

    Food: Fish, and small animals, it will nibble on shell fish as well.

    Use: Its just a friendly alert system, as there are things in the water that would eat you and you'd never tell the tail of what the heck it was either.

    Size Specs: 5 feet to 6 feet.

    Description: Cute little bandad shark looking creature, that has the fin structure, to walk on land much like a mud skipper, they have a lung, that prevents them from suffocating, they live in shallow ish waters, are friendly and will tame up pretty easy as they like petted. They can be any pattern or color, but they are all ways with three black bands on there tail.

    Behavior: They are cuddly lay eggs on land, you need to misst and keep your Darkydon moist, as there skin can dry out, it is not recommended to have your darkydon walk long distances after you, and can be just as happy in fresh or salt water. In fresh water however they will exhibit more vibrant colors, this is due to their energy going to wards there skin, vs moister intake. but other then a color change, no scientists have found no ill effects, nor reason for a Darkydon not to have access to either. Its highly thought that these cute little creatures, benefit from having both available but do not suffer if this is not the case, as fresh water darky dons with no inlet to the sea suffer no problems.

    Region: All the cute water ways of the cute world.

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