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    Information about this section (read before you get started)


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    Information about this section (read before you get started)

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:20 am

    Hello, I am howl, and I will be giving you the tour of my fantastical realm if you will in a bit. Unlike John Hamond, or the jurassic world staff, we have not used any dna splicing, genetic modifications, or engineering of the species, I will educate you in the Bio's you will find here.

    These lovely creatures are simply a product of an Earth that never went through " Historical events"  that resulted in the death of dinosaurs, or any other creatures from the prehistoric times. your favorite creatures, such as the T Rex, and its very dead friends, that you can see in the museums are still rather quite dead, however on the Earth I am from, they evolved, much like the common bird on your Earth evolved from your dinos. Ours went different evolutionary paths, for instance I am rather intrigued about your Chickens. We don't have those, we do however still have many of the animals you do. Were sadly missing Chickens, instead we have what are known as Fluffdons which took there place in the evolutionary timeline. More on that some other time, what I wanted to talk to you about is our lack of some of your technological advancements, and animals we are missing. Though there could be more, I have not explored your Earth this mirror world you live in for long.

    We don't have cars, motorbikes, scooters, chickens, horses, cellphones, Apple products, and we sure as rain don't have those things you call Giraffes. We don't like to go swimming as trout could swallow us whole, and I am not quite sure what a house cat, or this Dog you speak of quite is. I find the corgi of said species to be rather cute. We also do not have trains, planes, or boats, except for small floating life raft things. For ponds, and shallow ends of lakes.  Our Oceans are horribly unexplored, as if you have imagined we do have something akin to your shark. Though I would rather see one of your sharks, then one of ours. It would be the last thing you saw, they are closely related to your earth's equivalent of a Megalodon.  

    Now, I should tell you ware our worlds are historically different. No world wars have happened, there are no countries, just one massive government, and I am confused as to how there is more then one land mass and a bunch of islands, I am sure a scientific book would help me. Yes, our continent, never broke apart, instead we got another massive land mass, that formed due to volcanic activity,  earth quakes happen, but nothing massive enough to break us apart. Though your Mirror world scientists are rather confused as to what killed off the dinosaurs, we of my world, are pretty sure it was the massive commit that missed us. Fallowed by an ice age, that never happened, and well you get the picture. We have, one government for the entire planet, there are people in the other continent, but one world government. There are large ridges, canyons, and other odd features of my Earth, that keep mankind's cities and structures safe for the most part from the wild life.

    Our world is vastly unexplained, and horrifically unexplored, and we take conservation much to highly then you folk.

    So Enjoy the peaces of my world.

    Your Earth howl, myself, and BloodyRose, also this DarkChrissy have come up with how this Rp will play out, I can't wait to read.

    I hear a Dark soul helped test. Intriguing, we do love dino's just as much as you do.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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