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    The story of bob


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    The story of bob

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:42 pm

    First things are first, sea demons are free, and mighty as the wind and sea. They can fill sails with a mighty gust, and drown sailors with so much as waves crash. They protect a treasure sought by man. For there hearts were pure, and thus kept the secret, showing only those who earned a Sea demons trust.

    But things did not stay like that, no, they did not, as time went on things that hurt and armed the sea demons, that forced and bent them to mans will. They forced them with pain to fill the sails, instead of banter and kindness, they forced them to bring fish into the boats, instead of barter or kindness, they refused to play there games, except demons chess, ware they would bully them until they won. The unfortunate lot, were the sea demons, once free were then put in chains, bound by gauntlets that scored their hides with a flick of wrist. For as man continued, the kindness in his heart, was replaced with vial greed, and soon they knew know limits, and one by one, in mass numbers, the sea demons were killed.

    Till there was the last one.

    The witch of the sea, put a binding spell on him, a spell powerful and true, filled with sorrow and loved of the sea, which bound him fast. To a cursed earing that had no match no mate, that would forever seel that poor demons fate. The earing then was put onto a mountain monks ear, and he traveled to shore being bobs first master. The earing being a scull and cross bones, with dangling feathers and shells, looked off on the monk, but he was kind and gentle to bob, ordering salt from the sea, so that bob would stay happy and healthy playing in the pond. But as time passed the monk grew old, and finally perished, and so the earing trapped the sea demon with in, and released the ear of the monk. As time went on, another man a thief, found the earing, at a market, and became the second master of bob, who went even further in land, and forced him to steal, and sea demons never would do such a thing, and so from thief to thief he was passed, who ever owning the sea demon being the new head of the thieves, till the last thief to have poor bob, this made him go a bit crazy. The last of which was murdered, taken by a horrid man, who torchered women, and forced the sea demon to kill, and so as time passed and more and more blood, more horrors and master to murderous master, the sea demon forgot his name, and was beyond crazy and mad. HIs last master, who put bob's earing in a horrid place, forced bob to murder, to steal, and further more no one cared about his need for the sea. So he was also thin and sick. This master was killed, by the authorities, and the earing, chucked into a pond, ware a small boy found him, becoming the next master of him. The little boy named him Bob, since he didn't know his real name, and treated bob with some respect. But the boy was sick, and soon before bob could even start to trust again, died. The earring after a long while, made its way into a group of ships crew. The peace of jewelry now referred to as the devil's mark.

    Poor little bob, for he was wild and free
    Adrift in sky and untamed sea.
    Though time and time and shadows have passed.
    And his torment for ever last
    For don't you see, the sea is bob, and he is the sea
    down down in the depths he is the king don't you see
    Forgoten of his past has he
    alone and storm tost is he
    Alone and tormented, he travels around forever bound
    Like a no more then a hound.
    But wouldn't it shock both you and me?
    If the secret of the sea...

    Were to talk to you and me and tell us just who is he.
    Wounder who he'd be.
    The sea the sea, and she answers so, he is the king of me
    The king of the wind the king of the sea
    Wouldn't it be something to see.
    Neptune, or mother moon knows who is he, and weeps
    For the poor little bob you see, who frolics and leaps
    Is non other then Poseidon the king of the sea
    But he's bob to you and me.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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