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    Post  wolfHhowling on Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:53 pm

    So Legendary is my baby, and its a really old Rp. the first L was created by me of course lols, about 6 years ago. Though its had several reincarnations, and three or four, start overs, several time skips, several as in thousands. Its stayed the same over the years thought most of it.

    This is the Lite version of L. The full and massive Version of L, which is a full blood Reimagined original L, is located in Mature and it is thee only RP that uses all 199 races. All three Breed Categories, and the entire Powers page.

    But right now you've asked yourself, but howl why only 199 there are 200. Humans don't exist in Legendary.  However they do exist in the Light version. The one your reading all the info to right now. Well now that you have a bit of my babies history....

    TO THE INFO....

    L lite will only be using the fallowing Races.   vampires, werewolves, werecats, witches, Angels, demons, Bish, Cyborgs, casters.

    This gives you a total of ten to pick from. You can find the info on the races in the races pages.

    Breeds maybe used, as companions or mounts. Dragons in this Rp talk, as well as wolves. Horses do not.

    Powers are only applicable if you wish to make your human some what gifted powers are week in this Rp.

    How the three topics work.. plus and addition of two pages.

    The topic titled Legendary will be used for general RP, world exploration, and you know plot if there ever is one inserted.  

    To travel from this topic, you must " Poof " to the tavern.

    The topic " Myth Tavern" is ware I play the tavern owner, here, you can chose a party, or go on solo missions and quests. To gain Fame and COINs * will explain later how the money system works*  You simply tell the tavern owner, you'd like to to have an aventure, and he'll tell you whats available on the board. Teams will need to pick a team name for their group, and also tell this and its members to the Tavern Owner, also known as the tavern master, or Questing master. He will then record it on the board. TO Go on a mission, first of all, when the tavern master tells you or your party " Good luck and come back in one peace" it means I am running that quest or mission.

    You then can " exit the tavern " by simply walking out the door, then go to the topic titled " The Quest of Doom"

    The quest of doom topic is ware the missions/and quests run.

    To get out of the " quest of doom" have your characters journy back to the tavern, and leave by opening Myths tavern door" once in Myth Tavern, you can simply poof out, to have your character go back to the  Legendary topic.

    Failure to do proper Hopping, will result, in your characters being ingored, or the quest not registering as complete.

    Non of this is automated, non of this is " coded" you just need to switch topics in that manor.


    The bank page. This is for fun and located here with sign ups. It keeps track of all players, " money" and it tallies what they have on hand. You'll occasionally see that the bank will have it recorded that " gasp you were robbed" or something else funny and hilarious.   This can be ignored but if you wish to spice up your game play its fun to play along with, and simple and easy to check, bank totals will update randomly and not makes sense, when ever I can. Its for fun after all.

    The second page, thats for fun, is the " board"

    Lists indivduals first, and what solo missions they went on. The board will keep track of popularity or " famous" characters. Due to these " missions/quests" .

    Listed after that will be " groups or teams" by name. What missions they completed inc.

    A thrid page,  that is located in the info, will be the " grave yard" Characters who have perished  there little Epitaphs  will be present.

    All three of these pages located here in the information forum board for this Rp, will be locked as I will be the one who updates this.

    lastly there is no teck of any kind other then what Cyborgs are made of.

    The money system is as fallows and its function.

    1 Copper coin, is = the penny equivalent, it takes 100 of them to make a shilling.
    1 shilling is = a twenty dollar bill. it takes ten shillings to make a Gold coin.
    1 gold coin is = to 100 dollar bill.

    5 copper coins is 1/20th of a shilling   this is called a pence in this rp. which is a monetary value.

    The coin system is so you can " buy" things in the topics.  YOu can stay and Rp in any Topic for as long as you like with the exception of " the quest of doom" topic, as traveling back to the tavern is legit the only thing you can do after the mission, and it will be all boring. You will be suddenly skipped ahead, if your dragging that boring out.

    All right.... you can take a look at the bank, the board, and the grave yard, but you might not find anything there, unless game play has started. Razz

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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