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    The Lovely RULES


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    The Lovely RULES

    Post  wolfHhowling on Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:34 pm

    All right, this is in addition to site and this sections rules. I would like to point out, that this Rp and versions of go across all three categories, pg, pg13, and mature. PLease keep in mind, the fallowing Rules. Some of which you will find on each and every legendaries rule set, as it pertains to the Rp in general and not just the Game play for this section... any whoo lets begin.

    1. There are three Legendaries in existance, characters accepted here, can be played in the other two legendaries.

    2. Legendary is referred to as L. This Rp because its the lite version is referred to as L lite. Please use the this reference when talking about this rp, so we don't get confused.

    3, There are three topics, we expect you to use, switching to a topic from the main topic ware general Rp play, and world exploration is done with a poof, to the " Myth Tavern" and from there to the " Quest of doom" topic, by journeying through the taverns door. There functions will be explained in the information tab.

    4. Quests/missions/moderation can only be only done by staff, so keep mini moding down, and remember only a staff member can run a quest or mission as fair Game mastership needs to happen.

    5 the Tavern owner, is played by me wolf H howling. I will update fun info pages such as the " board" and the " bank" more on those in the information page.

    6. The Rp is made so that anyone at any time can join it, its encouraged to start little prps in the rps, we do encourage " clicks" so to speak for this Prp with in a multi to happen, HOWEVER. There is a fine line between a " immersed Prp" a Prp inside a Multi world, vs excluding and ignoring other players game play. For instance your PRp group bumps into a character played by a person not in your group, during rp play, and they have there character attempt to interact with yours, either to pass the time, or in hopes to tag a long for a bit. If your group ignores this players character, that is a no no, your are still playing a Multi, so you have to interact with characters attempting to interact.

    7. Romance, gore, marriage, kids, the whole kit and kaboodle, insert lord of the rings meme here. Is a given. Please keep it PG, thanks.

    8. If a player suddenly " poofs" your character that was interacting with there's is " in stale mate" they can't do anything. In the event, that you are going on vacation, quite, or anything else that prevents you from Rping, and you know of this before hand, please make sure your last post, before you poof. We will give exactly two weeks to a player who's poofed with out warning. After that, the staff with feel you have dropped off the face of the earth, and your character will be used in a fun way to Free up any and all dead locked characters, another words, they will get suddenly kidnapped, Poof mysteriously, inc. after two months, we'll consider it a " dead lock" and tragically end the existence of your character.

    9 for the last bloody time they are ALL immortal.

    10. The reading though it is a lot, needs to actually be read through, as its imperative to game play. Things you can skip in reading, will be indicated to you. Please do not SKIM... I am eyeing you Darky dear.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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