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    Rules to read or sign ups will be wrong.


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    Rules to read or sign ups will be wrong.

    Post  wolfHhowling on Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:51 pm

    All right how this works.

    1. Only moderation my play Demona stable characters. Staff only. Its so no one takes this too far too quickly or in the wrong direction.

    2. all breeds of horses listed on the Breed, list, as well as all Dragons located same location, can be signed up, However Horses are in Honor stables, so please make your RIDER, part of the correct stables. All Dragons are in treasure ditto.

    3. The Rider is the horse/dragon's everything. Thus they take care of said animal. With the exception of one character for each stable, and one character for the entire Rp. The Fairer for Honor stables, and the "knight" for lack of term, for the dragons. They most likely will be played by staff, as well as, the vet which is for the entire Rp.

    4. Powers from the power list, may be included to non " fantasy" horses, and or Humans.

    5 the people in this Rp, can be signed up as " Humans, werewolves, and Witches"  DO NOT be a racist profiler, in which you think the werewolves are evil inc. You will be banned.  

    6. Romance is a given, but keep things PG..... please.....

    7. The animals can talk to one another..... however... Keep this down. The focus should be primarily on the story of the entire stable and the " people" that run them.

    8. All three stable owners, will regrettably be played by me. Unless some one wants to Play Miss Sophie that is a staffer. In that case I will then play their " assistant" to make sure the story drives forward, THEY are not the focus, the RIDERS are.

    9 other stables will be mentioned, and minor competitions will be held to keep this lively, as well as, a little fun and evil.

    10. This is just here so its the TEN commandments, and I didn't wimp out.

    Bonus: Keep in mind YOU MUST play the Rider to the Critter and the critter to the RIder. UNLESS you work out with me WHY your not playing both characters of what should be a team.

    All right you can sign up now.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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