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    information for you...


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    information for you...

    Post  wolfHhowling on Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:19 pm

    Hello, you who wanted a horse Rp.
    You thought it would be girly or mlp.... or pretty and cute, and extra equine, but I have to say, we decline. You instead get this Rhyme.

    In the land of Fantasia, there is the town called Bowden. Bowden is a bustling city not a town, but its Bowden town. This city if you will, has many acres of land and prosperity, around it. Thus it is home to many stables, who collect all sorts of odd creatures. The stables are renowned and respected. However, a competition is held every four years in which all stables participate. The lands are ruled by this competition, as the winning stable. Has the unfortunate right to well aquisition other stables, as well as forbid specific things. Such as the rescue of specific creatures. There are only so many left, a roster of ten if you will.

    There the fallowing.

    Helios stables
    Marble Stables
    Starfell stables
    Scales and pride
    Demona Stables
    Fantasy pride stables
    Treasure stables
    Honor stables
    Rim stables
    Sugar stables

    While most stables are considered quite neutral in there nature, and others rather pleasantly good, there is one, who is quite evil.

    Demona stables, and the Owner, Quint Van horrid, Who's female mind you. Wishes to Make sure, that they own everything. They have the funds, the money, and unfortunately exceptional steeds. The others come next competition will either have forfeited due to their poor lines, or worse that Demona's former reing crippled them to the point ware they can't waist time or energy on the competition. Thus it leaves to this. Honor stables, who have been taking care of horses, and many rescues, and Treasure stables, who raise and breed mighty dragons, to go head to head against Demonia stables and Quint. For if Demona stables wins again, both the directors know, that they will be, next. Demona stables had taken down the honorable, and price winning stable, The golden Horseshoe ranch, who's golden horse Apollo had been stolen in the night, and Demona, on winning, Had acquired their lands, all though that had taken four years, they had managed to cripple the rest. They had managed to put 20 stables out of business, in the blink of an eye. Now in four years, the next competition will be held, and the current stable who's crowned, barely won. Crippled now, Fantasy pride, can not defend its title. Demona is sure to win.

    Honor stable's owner Miss Sophie. as she is called, is financial crisis, however has good lines, and champion breeding. Wishes to win, and if they win, there boon will be the acquisition of Demona. Assets and all, as she wishes to have the stables taken over, and failed by Demona Restored.

    Treasure stables, owner Sir Pensworth as he is called, withes to do about the same, he has the lines, champion winners, in there own rights, however. Though he has money to spare, there is a big issue, with most of his champion lines, being to young to compete, as dragons go through worse regulations.

    So the only logical way to win, is to team up, and form a competiion team, Honored Treasure, which would earn them a ranking together.

    They are neighbors, share good portions of grazing out of nessesity, however....

    They can't stand each other.

    Can the two stables, get over there differences, learn to train and work as team, and bring down the evil that has plagued Bowden Town for as long as it had stood?

    Time will tell, but they have four years, to pull the win, with Fantasy pride, cheering them on, and a mysterious man with a golden horseshoe.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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