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    Sign Ups

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    Sign Ups

    Post  Dark Soul on Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:23 pm

    Post your characters here. I want sign ups to be short, sweet, and to the point. Do remember, I have to read over all of them to make sure that nothing's out of line with the ways of the pack, the positions available, the coat colors and patterns, and to ensure that everyone's wolves remain unique and don't appear to be copied. So please... don't give me a novel to read. If you do, your sign up will be automatically rejected. Essentially, the longest portion of the sign up should be detailing coat colors and patterns, if you even choose to detail that. All characters can change and grow in personalities and emotions, which is why there is no personality section in the bios, only a history section. Please note, there is also no numerical age, just adult. Don't even sign up an adolescent or a pup. If you really, really, REALLY want to sign up a wolf younger than an adult, then please come to me first.

    Name -
    Gender -
    Age -
    Position -
    Mate -
    Pups -
    Breed -
    History -
    Description -

    If you cannot figure out what any of the parts of the bio are asking for, don't just guess. Please ask me. I won't bite. I swear. And also, here's one of my wolves below to help give an example.

    Name - Running Forest (Forest)
    Gender - Female
    Age - Adult
    Position - Omega
    Mate - Open
    Pups - None yet
    Breed - Shifter (shifts into a possum)
    History - Born and raised in the pack with her brothers Petrified Wood and Snow Flint.
    Description - Green base coat with a green mask, no brindle pattern, no spots pattern, and a brown saddle.

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