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    Breeds and their species


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    Breeds and their species

    Post  wolfHhowling on Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:47 pm

    First off, these breeds are the only breeds  you can use on site. However, these " breeds" and species, do not apply for specific Races that turn into " critters" Unless it was listed as such in the race bio.

    All right now to the fun stuff, these are not done in any order, as there are not a lot of them to be doing in any specific order at this time, thank you.

    NOTE: Note that I do know what Species and breed are. A German Shepard is a dog, the breed is a german shepard and its species is a dog. However, for the purpose of this site, and because  Such as Dragons, a Eastern Dragon, is a different species, then  a western dragon.... and if you go into wolves, the same could be said. Another words to simplify I am using the term " breed" to represent " genius ".


    we all know what a wolf is, so here are its species.

    real Wolf Category:

    Currently alive and thriving wolves on planet earth . Right now we will have these two, later more maybe added.
    Timber wolf:

    This is a timber wolf

    it is normally the wolf that comes to mind, when you think of a wolf, they range all over the north America, and in Europe. They come in many coat colors, and many markings, a google search will show you all of them. They are however also called the Grey wolf. They are the same thing trust me.

    artic wolf:

    They live in the Arctic, ware its mostly covered in snow but for a short time. Thus their coats are all ways some variant of some light color, like white. you will never see a black arctic wolf ever. They are thought to be a sub species of the grey wolf ( aka timber) all though that is not conclusive as of yet. Yay bit of science mumbo jumbo

    Fantasy/extinct Category :

    In this Catigory you will find " mythical" wolves such as winged wolves, and " extinct" species. Two of each of these, however more maybe added to the " mythica"' while no more are added to the Extinct as there are not very many types of wolves in prehistory that have died off that I would view as popular, more so please not that the two "extinct" species I have exagerated, and made more appealing but are not a complete work of fiction and will give you in a " historic Spoiler what those creatures really look like inc.


    Any wold with either bat or Feather wings. They can fly using said wings... Mind you. No winged wolf, will need powers to fly, and flight will just be something that is hereditary.

    Shift Wolves:

    Shift wolves are any wolf, that can turn into another living creature * but not another type of wolf but another animal that doesn't need to be on this list, and must be realistic) They can only turn into one thing other than what they are.

    Dire wolves:

    Dire wolves are large, wolves with fangs, that can protrude from the jaw, their howl is eerie, and sound all most as if it belongs to another world entirely.

    The real dire :

    The real dire wolf, was just a slightly bigger wolf, being only a few inches if that taller then our largest species to day. Further more, they had a deeper chest, and were much more stalky then we see to day Razz

    Irish wolves:

    The irish wolf is a huge wolf, who is large enough to hunt Moos in a small pack of them. They are stronger then most, have better senses as well.
    The real irish wolf:

    The irish wolf was thought to be another type of " grey wolf" and were prolific, until cromwell. He single handedly was responsible for killing most of them off, resulting in their extinction. Due to the lack of understanding, and better methods to keep the balance between nature and Irish live stalk and culture. Its Sad to say, but Ireland has no wolves to this day, and their mentality really hasn't quite changed. Bangers were targeted but due now to " science" luckily they were saved before it was to late, unfortunately for Ireland's wolves, they weren't so lucky. You can see the last of the Irish wolves, as their remains are displayed in the Dublin museum. Its sad because Ireland's youth do not think this animal even existed ( till they take a trip to the museum which pff to days youth) and is really a testament, as to WHY, conservation and alternative means towards natures animals, is imperative.


    There are four kinds of dragons as listed below with pictures, and a sentence of tid bit, I do not think you need, me to explain, in depth so you will not have cute " page" break things till more needs add for some reason. ALL dragons come in all kinds of patters colors and take good care of their skales and can look different, you have a plethora of of google images, use those.

    Western Dragon: They tend to hoard treasure and things, breath fire and have wings. Size is dependant on Rp specs, however they are the " largest)

    Eastern Dragon : Dragons that can make it rain, breath lightening, fire and ice. They are the longest of the dragons. They too can fly. also another good excuse to watch spirited away.

    Sea serpent Dragon : They are dragons who live in the water, they are long snake like bodies but have fins instead of fur or or scale ridges. They have four legs and do and can come on land, however, they much rather lounge in a pool, as such Eastern dragons are actually shorter then they are. Sea serpents, breath ice. Google images is still your friend.

    Quetzalcoatl Dragon : you also want to google image it with " dragon" attached. They are serpent like dragons, with feathers, and feather wings, and they have arms, though small, they are also the scariest of all the dragons, as they spit venom, that make people loopy.


    Horses, all right there are Mythical horses, and then there are " natural " or " real " horses. You may use any breed of " horse" you find. Under two conditions, 1 It must be of a breed that exists, and I will google to verify, and 2 it has to be a coat color indicative of the breed. Google images is your friend with any of these.

    Pegasus : Winged horse... a horse with wings, and because its a myth you can use any color really so long as its not an eye sore.

    Unicorns: any horse with a horn, can be any color, can use magic, but to a lesser degree, and looks like a normal horse except for well the horn and it can be green if you want.

    Hell horse : A horse, that has teeth, fangs, might be demonic, is flaming and all ways black.... will accept for image, any " evil" looking horse. Granted that it does not have wings or horns, that look well " non evil" as these horses can sport a horn or wings or both.

    Alicorns or Pegicorns: what happens when you breed a unicorn to a pegasus... enjoy.

    just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

    and now you know

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