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The 50 states explained by howl ( temp here)


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The 50 states explained by howl ( temp here)

Post  wolfHhowling on Fri Oct 20, 2017 6:50 pm

Firstly this is not to offend but to poke fun at states, most of these I have actually been too have relatives living there or friends that dwell. This is for fun and you should have a laugh. shite scale is 1 turd is a good state and five turds is a shite hole

Alabama: is the state of potlucks fundraisers, and swamp. Visit but during the winter. 3Turds

Alaska : Land of snow, some how is warmer then the lower 50 states on occasion were pretty sure has a damn weather machine, has the (insert F word here) views, the norther lights every (insert F word here) wintery night, and the lovely and enjoyment of so much Country side.... Because there on a picture post card and has volcanos and mountains up the wa zoo... 1 turd.

Arizona : Hotter then the devils ass........ good market on mexican food, gets 1 and a half turds.

Arkansas: pretty state..... ah.... nut much to say about it 2 turds because its Arkansas.

California: laws are in your face nuts some times. Produce omg loves... all the food imaginable, beach .... got your weird folk, your surfer dude, your mexicans, your japanese, chinese, and all the ethnic groups and their cultures, and it benifits from it. Earthquakes and wild fires... but you know what, its get Negitive Turds... Because FOOD is life.

Colorado : The land ware mountains live, and snow, and space.... but some how takes three days even with one day or over night shipping for anything to leave the state... but pop man is legal. 1 turd.

Connecticut : Meh its there... I mean its Connecticut, its a turd 1 turd

Delaware : this state I lived in, its meh, its hot dry, cold, it doesn't know what it wants to do. Delaware reminds me of going to Grandmas, you know how the yards a bit funny, her rules are kinda odd, and it smells funny. Except Delware only smells funny in the cities... 3 turds.

Florida : Lived in this State, this state is a hot humid rains every flipping blasted day swamp of hell hole, that omg no one KNOWS what a flipping blinker is, nor has actually got to a dmv the way people drive there they all got every single peace of documentation from a cracker jack box. Its got disney land so I guess its gonna get 4 turds.

Georgia : This state is down the middle of Meh, and (insert F word here) man no.... Is a 1/2 a turd only because Peaches.

Hawaii : The people there are so chill about a volcano they legit have lava crossing signs..... Now thats a legit bawler people, not to mention a man survied a sunami, by climbing a Palm tree, ya a palm tree that tall, that quickly, and managed to hold on, They get half a turd for balls.

Idaho : potatoes... Enough said. 2 Turds because Its Idaho...

Illinois : This state.... its there 1 turd

Indiana: is like going to your great uncles house for sandwiches, but what you didn't know was he was in a hells angel biker gang back in the day and still thinks he's Radical.... 2 turds

Iowa: I can't say much about this state, but I can tell you its a very nice state post card wise so a turd.

Kansas: Crips clean air,miles and miles of just love... No tuds, I am sure it deserves a terd, but its the go too cowboy romantic movie state... for a reason.

Kentucky: Its an interesting state 1 turd

Louisiana: My cute and lovely friends they eat odd things, they talk kinda funny, and they throw a damn good party 1 turd

Maine : Clam chowder, lobster, a show stopping fall every year.... (insert F word here) main.. 1 turd just don't go to Derry... thats got 5 steven king turds. XD

Maryland : been to this state, was in it for a while, its there, its all most as if Delaware had a twin. 1 turd

Massachusetts : We send our regards 1 Turd

Michigan : The (insert F word here) state that brings you Norther lights all most as often as (insert F word here) Alaska, did we mention it has BEACH front because of that lake thats great stupid lake. 1 turd

Minnesota : automatically gets a turd, because of all the times I have had remember to spell its ass in highschool and failed miserably.

Mississippi : gets a turd and a half... because the damn song man, THE SONG.

Missouri : I would make the joke that its miserable, except I think its ware joy goes to possibly die.... and yet gets new life... it doesn't get a turd it just gets sympathy.

Montana: Kansas's twin 1 Turd

Nebraska : Montana's lesser talked about cousin twice removed 1 turd.

Nevada : Hotter then hot... We give you 3 terds, only because ITs hot, and its hot.

New Hampshire : one of the smaller states, it esits and we ship them coal for their power plants...... I legit see the trains..... I know ware they are going..... I see you 2 turds.

New Jersey : The state that might be bigger but not by much then Luxenberg, that was joke but got to make pun at how small it is and that country new jersey has the Jersey devil though, Baller : 2 turds because (insert F word here) man.

New Mexico : Ya it gets a turd, most states do. This state is hot, but the mexican food makes up for it. Some of the best I have eaten, Aside from our saint and food producer Califorina XD jokes aside you all get produce from Ca, deal with it.

New York : Because new York gets burried in snow, is a sess pool with New york the city, and actually named a city after itself... 4 turds you send kids to my state to get fresh air.

North Carolina Like south carolina .... 1 turd

North Dakota : See Kansas. 1 turd

Ohio: The state who has no more (insert F word here) to give, and could give a shite. 1 turd because (insert F word here) hell its Ohio the no (insert F word here) state.

Oklahoma : The song 2 turds

Oregon : you have the actual trail and the game named after you... balls 1 turd

Pennsylvania: We have coal, so we flaunt it.... we have trees so new york kids can breath it... YOu'd think we were baller, no I (insert F word here) live her turd level is 4 were cheap, were neat, were pretty, but food my good why you so bland..... 4 turds because amazon is your god.

Rhode Island : tiny states are cute, 1 turd.

South Carolina : See north Carolina 1 turd.

South Dakota : Ya and the Dakota's are sky resort territories alaksan wana bees 1 turd.

Tennessee : Turds away with two. I can't refuse and shall not repeat history class, because sone of a ( FEMALE DOG!) man, this one no.

Texas : 5 Tuds, because its the shite shite state to ever shite, and everything is bigger here or so they claim so EXTA big shite Turds with the corn in em.

Utah : UFOs man...... 2 turds you people are crazy

Vermont : Ever see Main.... any see any of the new england states, tada vermont you shite clone you 1 tud

Virginia : I have cousins here, its all right, as far as states go, its a wannabee Ca state, really so its getting 1 turd becaus jobs man its easy to find them apparently.

Washington : they have Salem look up that history. HOlly shite.... 1 Turd and if your a witch 3 turds from perspective.

West Virginia : they couldn't do north and south, they had to go west, break the mold I guess... 2 turds its not some place I'd live.

Wisconsin: Cheese I don't know.... 2 turds.

Wyoming: your a state that makes other states hate you.... (insert F word here) state. 1and a half turds.

just subtract an hour for dark soul XD

and now you know

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