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    How to be a Site Mod

    Dark Soul

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    How to be a Site Mod

    Post  Dark Soul on Tue Jun 16, 2015 5:38 pm

    • You must be on daily (or close to it. I can understand that there are time where you can't be on.)
    • You must show me you can handle responsibility and not abuse it.
    • You must be active in at least two public RPs on this site!
      • At least on of those public RPs must be hosted by drosenth, wolfHhowling, or myself.

    • Don't ask me to become a site mod.  I will watch everyone, and determine by number of players that are active when we need more and who are the best candidates for the position.
      • Right now, we have one active mod and one that is poof right now, but with her sister returning, she might as well, which means we will have 2 site mods and only 20 players total, about 10-13 of them being active, so yeah, unless we can get a huge crop of new players soon that are all active, we won't have much need for mods in the near future.

    • Do not whine or complain when someone other than you gets chosen, no matter what reasoning you have (seniority doesn't matter.  I've known some role players for several years now and some of them still act very childish and irresponsible, so don't give me any seniority crap.)
    • If I decide you are a good candidate for the position, I will PM you and ask you.

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